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Up next on my project to-do list was the front entry.  It felt silly as we never spend time in there as we come and go from another door.  But, this is the first impression someone gets upon entering our home.  So, I felt that I needed to give it attention to make it functional as well as attractive.

Here’s a little before to get you caught up:

20160215_094929This is the inside of the front door.

All of the walls were painted a very light pinkish-rose color.  When you got up very close you could see that it was in an attempt to cover up a light lime green…ick!  The trim was a cream color.  And the doors {like every other door in the house} were stained.

20151219_161433As you walk in, you are greeted by the stairs.  Sounds strange, but this is one of my favorite parts of the house.  If you look closely, you will see how the risers have been knicked up by all the many people who have walked up and down these stairs over the past 180 years!  The staircase is original and is absolutely not up to code!  We have grown accustomed to the higher step, but it took some getting used to it.  Ironically, when we go into other homes, it now feels weird to take a normal step!

20160215_094908This is the view to the left of the staircase.

20160215_094917 Behind the front door and the door that leads to the living room.

20160502_172344_Richtone(HDR)The kind-of-before light.  I had removed the cover and thrown it out before I took a picture, so this is the best before that I have.  It wasn’t anything great…just an outdoor light indoors…?!

Up first was painting.  I had dreamed of painting the walls a very light whimsical gray, but that isn’t how the story went.  After determining that the paint I had purchased looked violet on the walls, I trekked out in between snowstorms to have it darkened.

20160216_164558Yup, snow.  It was February, though!

I spent our winter break painting, along with many random afternoons and some weekends to get it all done.  The front entry is a smaller space, but I used the same color up the stairs and down all the hallways.  I promise to show you those…in another post though.

So many hours painting ceilings, walls, trim, stairs, doors later and I love walking downstairs in the morning to this sight:

20160504_081441_Richtone(HDR)I also love the worn marks, scratches, and the old nails in the staircase.

20160504_081103_Richtone(HDR)This chippy medicine cabinet was my first antique purchase on a trip to Maine 15 years ago! And I repainted that little cabinet black…sorry, no before picture.

20160504_081211_Richtone(HDR)Eventually I will add pictures to the frame, but for now I couldn’t resist adding more white to the space.

20160504_081228_Richtone(HDR)Some labors of love in this picture!  James built the bench for my birthday after I did not have any success finding one {in my budget}.  The shutter was a freebie from my brother’s barn.  Who knows what the stories could be behind this piece!  I had James add hooks to the shutter so our guests can hang up their coats.  And that sign.  My sweet Mom made that as soon as she heard about my blog.  I knew this was the perfect spot for it!

20160504_081248_Richtone(HDR)Does this picture make anyone else giddy?  🙂

20160504_081256_Richtone(HDR)I adore the knob that was on the shutter when it was given to me.

20160503_182410_Richtone(HDR)By far, the easiest project with the biggest impact was painting the risers black!

20160503_182656_Richtone(HDR)Super fun light that I found on Amazon!  In time, I’d love to add a Thomas Edison type lightbulb.

Just some fun touches!  We are so excited to have our own tulips as we could never get ours to bloom at our previous home.


20160504_085617_Richtone(HDR)These windows on either side of the front door are super sweet and original!

After all of this work inside, I wanted to put some effort into the tiny front porch.  Someday we will paint the entire house, but for now we are working with what we have!

20160422_144459A very fun discovery was this engraving above the front door.  I decided that it should “pop” so that it can be seen.  So, a little black paint later:



A freebie rocking chair before.  Blah:


20160422_170654_Richtone(HDR)A little spray paint for the chair and we dug out some pots {and my score of an old ash bucket at a rummage store} to plant some sweet flowers in.


And that’s all folks.  We are ready to open our front door and welcome you in!  Hang up your coat and stay awhile!


  1. Aunt Rita

    Love the transformation of your new but old home 🙂 You have the beautiful knack of seeing purpose, practicality, whimsy and grace in the simplest of things. You are inspiring Leigh. Xoxo

  2. Glenn Hawkswell Sr.

    Great job Leigh and James. Leigh I think you inherited your mom’s talent of home decorating.

  3. Aunt Judy

    Beautiful, cozy, welcoming, warm, lovely, inviting, inspiring, country, nostalgic, and so YOU!

  4. Katie

    I wanna stay a while!!!!

  5. Kate

    It looks wonderful! I love the gray paint! Love. And that shudder is super fun!!!

  6. Lauree

    Absolutely beautiful!!! You and James have an amazing gift!

  7. Bonita.ditty@verizon.net

    You are so creative. All of these little touches make such a homey & inviting statement. Love it. Bonnie

  8. Cindy cressman

    Love your style, Leigh! Beautiful wall color!

  9. Brooke

    So inviting.

  10. I loved your forum.Much thanks again. Really Cool. Tupy

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