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The tree that God took down…

Fall 2015:

A little back story: We literally spent a total of one hour over two days at our farmhouse before making an offer.  The travel time was 4 hours between our former home town and where we were moving.  We literally had never been to the area that we were moving to, so we were in a completely unfamiliar location.  We even had to look the area up on a map when we found out about the new job.  We came up over the course of two weekends last spring and our time was very full looking at many houses.  Both weekends left us emotionally and physically exhausted.  On our short list, we had the farmhouse that made my heart go “pitter-patter” and a back-up house {which was under contract before we even had the chance to think more seriously about it}.

How much can you really know about a house in an hour?  Enough to trust God and make an offer.  We spent minimal time outside, but what we saw were lots and lots of trees.  We just hoped that they all would be okay…or at least the bad ones were far from the house.  Well, that was not the case.  In our front yard was an incredibly rotten chestnut tree.  Good and bad.  Good in that we wouldn’t be cleaning up thousands of prickly chestnut balls.  Bad in that it may, at some point, come down and take our power lines with it.

We decided to have a few companies come out and give us estimates on this and an evergreen tree in our front yard.  Wowza!  None of the estimates were anywhere close to our budget.  So, first up was asking my Dad to help us with the evergreen tree.  We were so thankful for his expertise and {free!} ability to remove that tree.

I try to be so good about before pictures, but I sometimes miss getting them!  You can see the evergreen in the distance.  This is a picture I took when we toured the house last May.


We literally yelled “TIMBER”!!!


And then, there was the clean-up…oh, and you know you’ve found some great friends when they offer to come over and help you haul wood!


I promise, we’re getting to the really good God stuff now!

December 2015:

We worried about the chestnut tree.  My Dad was unable to help us with this tree since it needed a truck with a bucket to get the top branches due to the position of the tree to the power lines, telephone pole, and road.  How would “we” take care of this?  A friend suggested that I contact the power company and ask if they would take it down since it posed a potential issue with power lines.  A representative came out and said that it was not a huge threat, so they would not send anyone out to deal with our tree.  However, when they did their routine clean-ups around the area, it may be something that could be taken down at that point.  But, get this, they were just in our area within the past year and wouldn’t be back around for 3-4 years.

I became quite aware that I was thinking about this tree and that I had not done what I really needed to do.  And that was to give it to God.  So I did.  I told him that I would no longer worry about it and that I was giving it to Him to deal with in His time.  I trust Him with my very life, so a rotten tree…that should be easy to give to Him.  I let it go.  And it felt great!  I told my husband that God was going to take care of the tree and that we just needed to go on with our lives.

One month later, God showed up!  In the form of an electric company contractor.  It was a chilly and cloudy December morning when a knock was heard on our front door.  We {literally} never get surprise visitors…mostly because we still don’t know many people.  Opening the door, my heart jumped into my throat.  The gentleman explained that they were in the area doing work on clearing trees from the power lines and that he had received a note about a tree issue at our address.  Stay calm, is what I told myself.  I explained our concern about the tree and as he walked around the yard looking at the tree, my heart and mind were screaming, “Oh, Lord!  May we find favor in this man’s eyes.  May he be the conduit of Your blessing!  May this not be of anything of me, but purely of You!”

He returned and spoke words that made me jump for joy.  “Yes, ma’am, we can clear some of those top branches off for you.  However, we would have to leave the mess.”

“Oh, yes!  We’d love a mess of a tree in our yard!”  He looked at me shocked…

And they got to work.  I ran upstairs and told my husband, “God is taking down the tree right now!”


45 minutes later…



Yes, a big mess.  But, we had happy hearts.  And the tree guys walked away with a plate of Christmas cookies!

We slowly worked at the branches until the snow hit.  And we looked at our ugly half of a tree for four months.  I’m sure the neighbors probably thought we liked it since it stayed like that for so long.

Spring 2016:

This past weekend, we set the record straight in the neighborhood that we didn’t find our half tree to have any curb appeal.  My Dad was now able to take down the rest of the tree, and we ended up with a lot of wood for next winter!  The kiddos have been so helpful with load after load of firewood.  And then, with all of the raking up of tree shavings, sawdust, and picking up of sticks, they didn’t grumble…too much.  They even got a thumbs-up from a neighbor driving by!

This has been such a good reminder that I need to cast all my cares onto God, trust Him with everything, and believe that He truly cares and loves us…and that He has us right where He wants us!









  1. Carol Ritter

    Your blog inspires me so much!!!

    Your “absolute” faith in God brings tears to my eyes!!

    Love your family so much, “Mimi” Ritter

    1. leighsn

      Thank you, Carol! We love you two, also! 🙂

  2. Debbie Mendolia

    Great story of what can really happen when we truly let God have our burdens and worries. Happy Spring up there, enjoy!

    1. leighsn

      Thanks, Debbie! We are anxiously awaiting the budding of trees and bushes! 🙂

  3. Heather Seaman

    You just inspired me to hand over my cell phone that decided to quit working. There is really such peace and freedom in letting go. Can’t wait to see what God does!
    And thanks, Leigh!

    1. leighsn

      Yes! Let me know how He works it all out…for your good! 🙂

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