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The little office that could…

Summer/Fall 2015

After battling the jungle (i.e. poison ivy) and going on a week-long vacation, we were ready to tackle our first inside project.  The reason behind our move was a career change for my husband.  And he would need a home office to work out of.  On our first walk-through the house, we had imagined an open area on the second floor for his office.  He tried using the area for a few weeks, but apparently homeschooling isn’t quiet!  Realizing that he needed a space to make phone calls in quiet and that the kids and I needed the freedom to live beyond a whisper, the office was moved up to number one on the to-do list.

This was the space that we planned for him to use and how it looked when we moved in:


The first step was to rip up the particle board that had been nailed down and painted.  It also smelled like cat urine.  Ick!  It quickly became the bane of my husband’s existence as it contained about 100 long nails all within a 6′ x 8′ area.


Scrubbing and bleaching the old wood floors was next.  They have taken a severe beating over the years and at this point, we decided to just sanitize and cover it with an area rug.


After much measuring and designing…and a few trips to Home Depot, the framing began:


The space outside the office is a hallway that does not contain any windows.  In order to let natural light in, he decided to put in a small window and a door with windows.  The window was actually from my parents 1844 farmhouse attic.  We loved the character of it.  And the door was a cheapy found on Craig’s List!


Drywall and spackling…


Spackled and now on to the painting.  And yes, that paint looks pink!  I was so shocked by the ceiling paint that goes on pink, but dries white!


The desk arrived while we were on vacation 700 miles away and we were so thankful that we had made one friend that we could ask to go over and check on the house.  Thankfully, he saw the box and moved it out of the elements.

These pieces of furniture are always so much fun to put together…groan!  The walls in this lighting look pinkish, but they are actually a very light beige.


He was now ready to move in and set-up shop.  As much as I was dying to decorate his office, I restrained myself!  This is his space and he is free to do whatever he likes in his office.  I figure that he gives me free reign in the rest of the house, so he is more than welcome to do as he pleases with his 48 square feet!

So, here it is:








  1. Alice Vogt

    I love it! Well done! Great writing, Leigh! <3

  2. Donna Bodtog

    Love how you put the window in for natural light! Very nice!

    1. leighsn

      Thank you! It was actually all James’ idea! 🙂 I can’t take credit for it! I was super proud of him to hang a window and a door…those aren’t easy things to do! He’s come a long way!

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