About Me

Hello, I’m Leigh, the face behind Little by Little Farmhouse!

Welcome!  I am so glad that you have joined me!  Grab a cup of coffee, tea, wine…or a milkshake and enjoy our journey!

We are slowly…little by little…working on our home.  An old farmhouse has its challenges as well as it’s unforeseen surprises.  The only know-how we have is “in the project” training either by trial and error or by family or friends teaching us along the way.  This home will take us many many years to complete.  But, hey, is any home ever done?

I love a good bargain…and free is my middle name…well, sort of!  I do love finding furniture and home decor for free or next to nothing.  I am a glutton for upcycling and chalk painting!

We do all of this on a single-income and projects take priority by necessity, not by our desires.  So, a leaky roof gets worked on ahead of a rug or other fun decor.

My desire is that our home is welcoming and inviting and that all who step foot through our door feel at home.  I love being hospitable and our doors and arms are open for all to walk in and join our life!

Join me as I encourage you {and myself} to fill our homes with:

  • love
  • what you have
  • things you are given
  • items that make your heart go “pitter-patter”
  • your style
  • what works for your family
  • your heart!