A Painted Piano

My daughter has been taking piano lessons for the past four years and she loves it.  What this also means is that we have a piano in our home.  Never saw that one coming, did you?  Ha!  When we decided to begin having her pursue this musical desire, we realized that we would need to add this important piece of furniture into our home.  I had never envisioned a piano in my house, but when the idea of adding one came to mind I envisioned an antique/rustic tall upright piano.  Then I consulted our budget and my vision quickly changed to “what can we get for free?”  We put a couple of feelers out at our church and were blessed with a quick response of a good free piano.  My husband and a couple of {very good} friends took a drive to pick it up.  When it arrived at our home it was my first time viewing the piano {yes, there was a time before smartphones that could send picture texts!}.  Let’s just say that I was not instantly in love.  I mean no offense to the previous owner or to anyone who prefers darker stained wood pianos.  But, this one just was not my style.  I lived with it though and tried to downplay it as much as possible with decor.

A few years and a move later…

A thought popped into my head, “You should paint the piano.”  After consulting the authority {Pinterest} on such a project, I was excited about actually doing it.  I brushed aside the hesitancy I felt because to me, it seemed like it was so wrong to paint a piano.  I ignored any naysayers…actually I didn’t even tell them until it was done…and went for it.  And I am so glad that I did!  This has transformed the atmosphere of our living room.

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Now, for a before picture:


Honestly, I wasn’t sure that I would even like it painted as the lines of the piano hadn’t won me over, yet.

This is the paint that was used:


This was my first experience using chalk paint.  I am a convert now!  🙂  It went on so easily and there was no prep work of sanding the piano beforehand!


It took a total of 2 coats to cover this beast and the drying time was so quick.



I now love our piano and most especially, I love the beautiful music that my daughter plays on it!

You can view our entire living room make-over here.

May you be inspired to paint that piece of furniture that the naysayers think you should leave as is!  You will be so glad that you did!  Paint on, friends!


  1. Catherine

    I love how this turned out!! If only I could convince my husband to let me test this out on ours. Good job just going for it!


    Sometimes it’s worth it to just take a chance and go for it. Looks great.

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