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The summer is drawing to a close, but when you stumble upon a 4-seat pool set at a church yard sale for $20, what do you do?  Well, you buy it!  And then make it over.  Obviously it then needs to be used…so you ignore the slightly changing colors on the maple tree leaves and you hold on to summer for dear life!

That’s the full story, friends.  Now for the fun part.  Pictures!

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Here it is!  The set that came home with me for $20.  It is completely not my style.  Ha!  I’m sure you didn’t expect to hear me say that.  But it really isn’t.  However…the price was right…and I know that paint can fix anything.

I pulled out my makeover kit and got to work!  Spoiler alert: I used the Amy Howard at Home Paint Sprayer and the One Step Paint in Lady Singing the Blues {how fun is that color name?!} and Luxe Gray.

Guys, this was my first time ever using a paint sprayer.  And can I tell you that I am in love?  Head over heels in love with this Amy Howard at Home Paint Sprayer.  {The hubs may or may not be jealous.  I told him that we could share it though and I think that smoothed things over a bit.}

I had the chair frames done within two hours!  Do you know how many hours that would of taken with a brush?  Too many!  Many hours over the course of many days is more likely what it would of taken.  And we wanted to enjoy this seating set now…maybe even yesterday!

Do you want to hear a funny story?  It’s one of those “it wasn’t funny at the time” stories.  But now the hubby and I can laugh.  The afternoon that I painted these chairs was absolutely gorgeous.  Not a cloud in sight.  The plan was to leave them outside to cure for a few hours and then bring them under our back porch so that the morning dew did not get them damp.  That is NOT how the evening went.  It was around 8:30pm and I heard a very familiar sound outside.  One that put me on high alert.  I yelled, “It’s raining!” and ran outside.  Friends, it was more than raining.  There was a torrential downpour going on in my backyard.  I {naively} slipped on my flip-flops and ran down to my painting area.  The clouds were so thick that it was extremely dark and I couldn’t see anything.  Just as I picked up one of the chairs, guess what happened?  My knight in shining armor was by my side {in his flip-flops too}.  And he saved the day {er, night}.  As I hobbled around with my one chair, he grabbed a tarp and saved the other three chairs in only a few seconds.  Major bonus points for Mr. Little by Little Farmhouse…remember, he really is the muscles and often the brains behind these projects.

And as you will see, nothing extraordinarily terrible happened to the chairs.  There was a little touching up to do the next day, but the paint had set enough that a 15 minute downpour did not have a huge effect.

Now on to the cushions.  My initial plan was to “pretty please” my sweet Momma into helping me make new cushion covers.  But then I started hearing rumors about painting fabric.  Say what?  Could it be that this project may win an award for the fastest completion date?  I did some research on the Amy Howard at Home website and Facebook page and was full convinced that this was the way to go for this project!

I opted to use the sprayer again {surprise, surprise!} and decided upon spraying the underside of the cushion.  I had washed and bleached these cushion covers and even though they were clean, there was still some light stains on the cream-colored undersides.  I felt confident that the paint would cover those up and that the smooth cushion would be a better fit than the colored textured topside.

It was easiest to spray them by propping the cushions up on some crates.

After giving everything two days to fully cure, it was so fun to set up these chairs and the table out by our pool.  The kids love that there is somewhere to sit out here now…and the dog loves it too!

We are all so happy with how this incredibly {cheap} set turned out!  And even more thrilled that we get to enjoy it with our family that will be in town this weekend.

I am so happy with how the paint sprayer changed this project from days of work to only hours.  My mind is turning with what I can paint with it next!




  1. Wow!!! It looks great! I am in love with my paint sprayer too. I can’t believe how fast projects can be completed now! Enjoy your patio set.

  2. Becky Weiman

    You are AMAZING!!!

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