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When “Budget Friendly” Isn’t In Your Budget

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Can we talk about something for a little bit?  Can we discuss “budget friendly” home decor that isn’t in your budget?  I get it.  I am right there with you, friend!   Do you get excited when you see the word budget?  I do.  And then after a quick little click on the blog or Pinterest link, I realize that it is nowhere near MY budget.

It seems like the term budget-friendly is highly relative.  And that’s okay.  Really, it is.  If you can saunter into a “discount” store like Home Goods and walk out with a few hundred dollars less in your bank account, then go for it.  But, if you walk into that same store with only a few dollars that you’ve put aside for this little splurge, then go for it too!

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Friend, hear this: Don’t compare your budget to someone else’s budget!  I know, I really do.  It is hard not to compare.  Consider this quote though by Theodore Roosevelt: “Comparison is the thief of joy.”  It really is!  Think about how it feels to have a few extra dollars that you have saved in your pocket and you find that one little splurge item that makes your heart go pitter-patter.  Concentrate on that when you see someone else’s cart overflowing.

God has given you your life.  He took joy in creating you to fulfill the mission that He has for YOU.  And when we compare our lives to others, we are doing Him a disservice by saying that our life isn’t good enough.  Be you.  And be the best you that He created you to be.  Serve others.  Love others.  Be a light to others.  Your bank account doesn’t matter to Him.  And honestly, it can sometimes be a hindrance.  I have found that the times in my life when my family was down to our last dollars, I leaned in hard to my Father and found the joy and strength of Jesus.

I promise this isn’t a preachy blog post.  I just didn’t want you to get the impression that I’ve got it all together with money growing on trees over here at Little by Little Farmhouse.  Because we don’t.  And I am not looking for pity or hand-outs either, because God has and will keep providing for us.  Updating our home on a shoestring budget is causing us to be creative and to really look at our priorities.  Oh, you better believe that I have a dream wish list.  But I also believe that God will work on my heart to refine that list and my priorities.  I just need to keep leaning into Him.

Just to prove that not every room in our home is Instagram-worthy…and who am I kidding?  If you show up to my house on any given day it will not look like it does in my pretty photos.  I tell my friends to feel free to just show up, but you get what you get and you don’t get upset.  That goes for my messy house, old sweats, no make-up, and empty fridge.

Ummm…rabbit trail….

Back on track.  I have shown you our living room makeover, our dining room makeover, and our kitchen makeover.  But I have never shown you our family room.  And there is a reason.  Most of the time it is a hot mess.  Up until this past weekend, it has housed all kinds of random decor items.  I recently gave up and left only the essential furniture and a little bit of decor.

{And yes, we have a living room and a family room. This room was added on in the 90’s and we have no idea why as the house is plenty big already.  Actually it is ridiculously large.  And that is by no means a way to brag.  I think that our home is too big.  But this is where God has planted us, and we are determined to honor Him where we are.}

Rabbit trails again…sorry!

I am done talking {for now}.  So, here it is:

I know, it IS a blessing to have a bonus room.  Now are you ready for the but?  Let’s start with how cold it is in here!  There is no heat.  Well, if you count the 1 tiny register that forces air into this room, then there is heat.  Just enough heat to keep that little doggie warm if she sits right in front of it.  This floor.  It is bitterly cold in the winter.  And cold in the fall and spring.  The only time we want it cold is the summer, and it’s not cooperating with us on that!

Can we talk about the couch?  Not sure if you’ve noticed, but that is our only couch.  Yes, count us.  There are 5 of us.  And this couch barely fits 2 adults.

We’ve got a hodge-podge of furniture in here and I must tell you that all of it has either been free {including the dog and tv!} or it is quite old.  Like the beginning of our marriage old.

I really hope that you are not taking this as me complaining.  Because I am not.  I feel so blessed by what we have and really just want to share it with others.

We have lived here for over a year and a half and it has taken that long for me to grow a vision for this room.  Do you know what I see?  I see my boys rolling around on carpet pushing their Hot Wheels cars.  I see teenagers who feel comfortable at our home lounging on a sectional.  I see friends from all walks of life enjoying a little respite over homemade cookies.  I see family game nights gathered around a big coffee table.  I see blankets and pillows tossed aside after a movie night.  I see overnight guests enjoying a little solitude and sleep.  I see my children home from college break just enjoying being where Mom makes the world aright again. I see my grown children nestled in here with their future spouses on Christmas morning.

That’s what I see.  Memories being made and lives being touched.  No amount of store-bought decor can create that and no budget can even touch it.

I have a vision, friends.  And I am praying mightily on it that God will supply us with our needs in His time, so that we give Him all the credit and glory!  Will you join me in loving where you are right now and looking towards our Creator for the desires of your heart?



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  1. Sarah

    Beautiful post!! Amazing attitude. Your bonus room reminds me of our unfinished basement. Someday it will be an amazing space! But for now, it is where my kids roller blade and ride bikes in the winter. 😉

    1. Leigh

      Glad to know I am not alone in having spaces to grow into! 🙂

  2. I can see your vision! You will get there. The room has a great start with those beautiful ceilings and it’s so spacious. This is how I feel about my kids playroom. It’s got a great start but it’s not in my budget to make it the way I want to right now and that’s ok 😊

    1. Leigh

      We’ll get there, right, Tracy? Little by little! 🙂 Thanks for popping on over!

  3. Oh sweet friend- thank you for sharing your heart here. I totally GET The shoestring budget thing! I absolutely love your vision for the space and I am confident that God will provide just what you need in His perfect timing… Huge hugs to you!

    1. Leigh

      I feel blessed to have such a sweet sister in Christ as you!

  4. Leigh thank you for this blog post! I have had the comparison game on my mind lately and this was just what I needed to hear! Thanks for sharing your heart and your home:)

    1. Leigh

      So glad this resonated with you, Kelly. I need to hear from time to time too! 🙂

  5. You’re pictures are beautiful!! I absolutely love the warm and cozy look you gave this room (even if it is freezing!). Your writing is lovely also 😊

    1. Leigh

      Thank you so much for your sweet and kind comments! You have blessed my day! 🙂

  6. I love the spiritual insights as they are so full of TRUTH!. 🙂 As a now empty-nester, I had a house empty and ready to be filled and the years went fast, I assure you. Now, I’m looking at a home decorated, nicely, (and I’ve been super BLESSED by it, as well.) but not in the now, popular farmhouse style. So, in about 2.5 yrs. (yes, countdown) hubby retires and we move south- ATL- to be near my daughter and “future” grandkids 😉 and we will be styling my new home & hopefully, blogging together. 🙂 Enjoy the journey as He teaches you (all of us) many valuable lessons along the way!! Blessings!

    1. Leigh

      You are so sweet! Yes, the years are going by so fast and I am trying to enjoy every day to the fullest without getting bogged done by the mundane tasks. What a blessing to be able to move closer to your daughter in a few years! I am sure that will be an adjustment, but God will be there with you as you make a new house your home! Thanks for stopping by…come again, soon! 🙂

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