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Vintage Typing Desk Makeover

One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure, right?  Mr. Little by Little Farmhouse rolls his eyes at the “trash” I sometimes bring home.  And then he asks the age old question: “How much did it cost?”  Ha!  One of my summer finds was a vintage typing desk that held so much potential {in my eyes}.  It was less than $10 and I knew that it could be a functional piece of furniture for our home…as well as add some character.  And with minimal effort, it has become functional and added personality to our living room.

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Here is what it looked like before…

Lots of dirty potential, right?

The only prep work was to clean it up {which was no small task} and then I taped off the wheels as I wanted to keep them the original color.

Almost 2 cans of spray paint later, and this vintage typing desk has a new life!

Lately, I have been sitting in that rattan chair on the right for my morning devotionals so I  warm myself by of our wood stove.  This vintage typing desk has been so helpful as a side table for that…and it sees it’s fair share of school books throughout the day as well.

The lesson to be learned from this quick makeover: there is a hidden treasure underneath the years of dirt and grime.  Don’t be afraid to take it home, clean it up, and give it new life.  You just might find that it adds beauty and character to your life too.



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