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How to Update Exterior Lighting for Under $10

Remember back to this summer when we were slaving away painting the exterior of our house?  I talk like it was ages ago, but really we only finished it a month ago.  It feels like a lifetime though.  As we were putting on the final touches, I started to look around at all the details that needed updating as well.  And the sore thumb?  Our outdoor light fixtures.  I was determined to use what we currently had because…#budget.  A quick trip to Home Depot and I was ready to put a little elbow grease into updating four light fixtures for under $10!

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So how would I accomplish this?  Two words, my friend.  Spray.  Paint.  Yup, it’s that simple…after you take all the lighting down, pull it apart, clean it, paint it, and then reinstall all the light fixtures.  Ha!  It really was not that daunting.  Here at Little by Little Farmhouse, we like to tag team it.  In other words, the hubby does the difficult part of a project and I do the fun part!

Let me show you step by step what we did.  And then promise me that you will look at your light fixtures in a whole new light {pun not intended} and decide to give them new life as well.

First, some gross before pictures.

1. Take down your light fixtures.  If you’ve never done this before, do a little research on disconnecting the wiring.  It really isn’t a big electrical job, but knowing some safety measures first will give you confidence.

2. Take the light fixture apart and remove all of the different parts that you can.

3. Clean up each individual part.  I chose to use Amy Howard at Home Clean Slate as it does a great job of cleaning and it is so simple to use.  Plus, I didn’t have to worry about soap and water with electrical wires.

Any glass {or in my case, plastic} can be washed easily in your kitchen sink.  I laid mine out on an old towel to dry.

5. Now it’s time for the fun part: spray painting!  I chose this Rust-oleum black paint in a flat finish.  I put two coats on each section and then flipped the parts to put two coats on the other side.  Be sure to paint the heads of the screws too!

6. Once all of the parts are dry, put the fixture back together again.  Be sure that the electricity is shut off to the light when you reattach the wires.

It was that simple, friends.  In only a few hours {most of the time was allowing the paint to fully cure} these light fixtures are completely updated.  Where there was once very dirty, grimy, and worn lights, we now have clean and freshly painted ones.  And in only one afternoon…and for under $10!

Have a wonderful day, friend!  And remember to look at what you have with eyes that see the possibility of just freshening it up…paint can solve most anything!




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