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Traditional Christmas {Dining Room & Kitchen}

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  We are really enjoying our second Christmas season in our home.  The anticipation of the joy of celebrating the birth of Jesus is slowly building in our family as we focus on Advent.

As we dug out the Christmas decor from the bins in our attic, I was really stumped at first in how to decorate.  You know how you tend to put the same things in the same spots each Christmas?  Yeah, for me, nothing has a spot…yet!  And even when it does, I’ll probably forget by next year or change my mind!

I thought that it would be fun to give a little Christmas tour of our dining room and kitchen.  After playing around with some decor, I decided to go with a traditional red and green color scheme in these rooms.  The kids love it.  I love it.  {The hubby doesn’t care as long as it doesn’t interfere with dinner!}  Win, win, win!

Grab a cup of hot cocoa and let’s get started…

This stocking here has some history, my friend!  This joyful stocking is as old as me!  My sweet momma made my brothers and I each our own matching stockings when we were little.  When I got married and moved out, she passed this on to me.  It felt like a rite of passage moment and every time I dig it out with the rest of our Christmas decor, I am flooded with so many years of memories.

I decided to try something a little different in the fireplace.  And seeing as I had only one actual candlestick, I used what I had on hand.  I pulled out some milk glass vases and antique bobbins and made my own…with some super cheap thrifted candlesticks {thus, the crooked ones!}.

Now let’s move over to the right side of the room to our sitting area.  After our dining room makeover, I decided to move these two rattan chairs into here.  Best. move. ever.  I love that there is a comfy sitting area in our dining room.  This house is old and has a random set-up, so instead of fighting it, I am embracing it!

Fun fact: these pillows were made from Target placemats!  You can find a ton of tutorials on Pinterest…a super easy and cheap way to add seasonal pillows.  I grabbed these two quick when my heart skipped a beat because I knew they would fit in perfectly with this room’s color scheme!

Now turn a little more to the right and you’ll see our sweet little buffet.  {Side note: my husband detests that it’s called a buffet because it is a huge letdown to realize that a wife is referring to a cabinet and not an all you can eat meal!}

On to our table…

This centerpiece was pulled together in a few minutes with only the items that I already had on hand.  I wanted something low and simple because, well, we sit at this table to eat every single meal.

When you are looking through your vintage books to gather up the red ones and realize that you own a copy of Hans Brinker! {Insert happy dance!}

Let’s take a quick peek at our kitchen.  I am so excited to have “new to us” kitchen cabinets, that I wanted to dress them up a little bit.  I didn’t put much decor in the kitchen beyond these and the windowsill, as I need every single bit of space on a daily basis.  A little bit of Michael’s 50% off decor to the rescue to add a little bit of festivity is all it needed.


Since I believe in one final peek…

May you be having the merriest Christmas season!



  1. Becky

    It looks amazing!! Can you come makeover my house?!?

    1. leighsn

      Becky, Your home is wonderful! It really is welcoming and I love that about it…and the people that live there make it even more wonderful!

  2. Theresa Barlow

    Leigh, I so enjoy following your blog, it is so inspiring to me -I love your old, simple, practical approach to decorating for the Season. I garbage picked a red wooden last year and have stuffed it with extra greens from my tree, pine cones from the street and some bittersweet that was growing at the tree farm where we cut down our tree. I placed the box on my front and it’s such a warm welcome…….the best things in life are free🎄❤️ 💚🎁🙏🏻 ❗️
    Merry Chritmas to you and your family xo

    1. leighsn

      Theresa! This sounds wonderful! I’d love to see a picture! Merry Christmas to you and your family, too!

  3. Farmerswife82

    Loved your tour Leigh!!!❤️️🎄

    1. leighsn

      Oh, thank you for stopping by, Patty! Merry Christmas!

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  5. […] Traditional Christmas {Dining Room & Kitchen} […]

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