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The Space to Grow

2 years.

730 days.

17,520 hours.

It seems like a lifetime.  And a split second.  All at the same time.

I know that people take leaps and risks all the time.  Bigger ones than ours.  But we aren’t those people that leave and start over again.  {Or so we thought.} We lived a cozy and comfortable life.  Family close by.  Friends all around us.  Memories that bonded relationships within and outside the five of us.  This path was all we knew.  And it felt good.

And then.

God said go.  I am changing your plans.  The trajectory of your children’s lives.

It wasn’t a surprise for Him.  Always was His will for us.

Yes.  Is how we responded.

And suddenly we were plunked down in a new state.  Alone.  Where no one really knew us.  Surrounded by strangers.

We cried.  A lot.  Every day at times.  Sometimes all at the same time.

Three seasons after the drop into this new place, overwhelmed by all of the work of our new home.  Tired of being seen but never known.  I felt it.  God’s whisper as I stood outside and surveyed our property.  “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” (Psalm 34:8)

You are good, Lord.  Yes, you are.

That day was the beginning of the change.  In my attitude, that is.

I desire to no longer look at the negativity.  My focus is on His goodness.

He has brought us here.  This is where Jesus wants us.  Why?  I have no idea.  But the goodness that He has for us here will be my anchor.  It will be our cornerstone.

And so we commemorated our one year anniversary by collecting five stones.  And building a small memorial.  One that would remind us of our first year here.  And of the faithfulness of God.

How quickly a second year can pass.  Especially when one has really stepped into life.  Intentionally building bridges and relationships.

And discovering inner strengths and passions that were hidden.  Ones that were not visible in the previous comfy life.

It is when we have been given the space to grow, that we have grown.  A bit taller.  Shoulders more confident.  A smile that more easily appears.  The ability to lean on our Father and each other.

It hasn’t always been pretty.  But then again, journeys are not guaranteed to hold beauty during.  It’s in the after that you look back upon it.  And then the loveliness becomes visible.

Less distractions have developed talents, desires, focus.  And the ability to walk through the day slower.  That is the gift that has made it all worth it.

Where do we go from here?  Forward.  And a little backward.  Yes, both.

Forward in those bridges and relationships.

Backward in order to sit and really enjoy each day.  As a gift.  Not rushing from one commitment to another.

Breathing in and out.  Open to the journey that lay before us.

Not focusing on the past.  But pressing forward.  With a slower gait.  A smile.  And the inner reminder to stop.  Enjoy this very moment.  The sights.  The sounds.  The smells.  Take it in and fully live in it.

To just be us.  Individually.  And as a family.

Embracing our differences.  Growing with one another.  Bonded over our leap.  And the space our new life has given us to stretch our wings.

Stepping out in faith.  Knowing that today is the true gift.

Taking a deep breath, we slowly advance down this path.  Embracing the goodness of God.  Knowing that when we find our refuge in Him, goodness fills our hearts.



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