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Simple DIY Bench and Chair Reupholstering

Our living room has been a DIY work in progress over the past year and if you follow me on Instagram (hint, hint…you should!), you have seen pictures as changes have been made.  There have also been a few posts on the blog too, and you can read the latest update here.

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Recently I made just two little changes to our piano bench and rocking chair.  I had reupholstered them both earlier in our living room makeover; and I really did like the fabric for it’s funkiness and fun!  But after adding the rug to this room {which we love!}, taking the notch down on this fabric was needed.

Here is a little before to get us started:

I used two pillowcases to reupholster the piano bench and the rocking chair.  This was so super simple and something that you can easily do as well!  Here are the steps:

1 Find two pillowcases!  😉  I picked up one at a thrift shop and the other was extra from a sheet set.  I chose white, but pillowcases can come in some fun patterns, so go with what fits the style of your room!  {Be sure to wash and dry your pillowcase prior to using it to recover a piece of furniture.  And sorry, but it will probably need a quick ironing too!}

2. Use a needle-nose plier to remove any previous fabric from your furniture.

3. Drape the pillowcase over the seat and adhere it using a staple gun.

4. The corners can be a little tricky and I folded the bench like I was wrapping a present and cut and tucked the corners for the chair.

5. Using fabric scissors, cut off any excess fabric.

6. With a hot glue gun, apply any type of trim that you prefer.  I used some jute and ribbon that I already had on hand.

And ta-da!  It’s done.  Both of these were easily done in an hour.  And if you use items that you already have on hand, it cost mere dollars…if that.  {I have listed some resources below if you are interested in picking up any of these supplies.}

Now for the after pictures:

Can I take a proud momma moment and brag on my girl?!  Is there anything better as a parent than to see your kids surpass you?  I don’t just mean in height, but in being who God created them to be.  I know that all parents brag on their kids and I won’t carry on for too long.  But, I just have to show you what she did with the fabric that I removed from her piano bench.  Using that and some leftover drop cloth fabric she made this bag!  She is so creative and I am utterly impressed!




  1. Oh my goodness – this is genius! And I adore the bag your daughter made! I know where she gets her brilliance from!! 😉😘

    1. Leigh

      You are sweet! I think she’s in a class of her own and will quickly surpass me! She already has when it comes to sewing! 🙂

  2. Leigh, this rocking chair turned out so beautifully! I absolutely love the simplicity of the wood and white together. So pretty. It makes me excited for summertime and sitting on the porch. Great job!!! ❤

    1. Leigh

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I love this rocking chair too and it is a family heirloom, so that makes it even more special! Yes! I cannot wait for some warmer weather too!

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