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A Simple Christmas Porch

This month is flying by and my family is so excited for Christmas Eve and Day.  And we are enjoying every single day {and moment} until then as well.  We are savoring all of our indoor Christmas decorations {part one and part two of our home tour} and I thought that I would share a little outdoor decor with you.  There were a few factors that led to this being a very simple Christmas porch.  I know that in other seasons I have decorated a bit more enthusiastically, but my heart is set on a simple Christmas this year.

December can quickly fill up with all the extra to-do’s in order to make the Christmas season even more magical.  And we have done many of those over the years.  But every year further along this journey of motherhood, I slow down and savor the simple joys.  Like our game of Christmas charades last night and the smiles that were on my family’s faces was enough to prompt me to slow our lives down…at Christmas and throughout the year.  That really is the main reason why I simply decorated our porch with a few seasonal items and called it a day, friend.

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There is so much beautiful inspiration out there for gorgeous Christmas decor, but if you crave just a few items, go for it.  Because, really, that is enough…you are enough.  Or even if it’s just too cold to do more than a few minutes of decorating outside, do what you can and be content with it.

Christmas Farmhouse

Simple Christmas Porch

We spent most of our summer painting the exterior of our farmhouse and I just knew that by this time of the year, I would be so appreciative of the hours that were spent with a brush in hand during those hot summer days.

Simple Christmas Porch

I placed a simple flocked tree into two apple baskets and placed it to one side of our little porch.  And remember that Christmas grapevine wreath?  It’s still going strong…except for that one droopy sumac seed pod…

Winter Christmas Decorations

To the left, I stood up a vintage wooden sled that I have had for many years.

Simple Christmas Outdoor Decor

Christmas Porch

And in front of the sled is simply an enamel berry bucket filled with pine cones from our yard.

Natural Christmas Decor

I personally think the snow makes it feel the most Christmasy!

Simple Christmas Porch

That’s all there is to it.  Just a few simple seasonal items and it gives off just enough Christmas spirit!

Merry Christmas!



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