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So, what’s a girl to do when she has her hands in some projects that are taking their sweet time in getting accomplished?  Share a quick fix for an empty wall, that’s what she’ll do!  Oh, and it was free because I only used items that were already in our home!  {Enter husband doing a happy dance!}

You can so very easily do this as well.  Look around on your walls and see if you no longer enjoy the pictures that are hanging up.  With so many free online resources available at your fingertips, you can easily have your pick of what hangs on your walls!

We had been in our home almost a year before I settled on hanging much of anything on the walls.  Well, some pictures were on our walls before this point, but we were using the nails already in the walls!  Yup, it looked weird.  But one day I put on the big girl pants that told me that this is where we are planting some roots, so I better get comfy!

Recently, I dug through the box that held most of our picture frames from our previous home and came across two of these:

They fit in perfectly in our previous home, but I didn’t feel that they would now in this home.  Plus, I don’t have a ton of wall space, so I am choosy about what gets hung up.

These pictures were just a stock photo in a plastic frame.  Cheapy.  But I wanted to use what I already had.  First up was ripping off the back and all the one million little staples and prying off glue.

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This is the point that I realized that they were super cheap and I did what any good MacGyver would do…I used duct tape to fix a cracked corner of a frame.  Except I failed MacGyver 101 and opted for some Gorilla Glue to solve the issue instead.

At this point, I also switched the sawtooth picture frame hangers.  The frames were originally hung horizontally, but my plans included them hanging vertically.  Have you ever tried to hammer 1/4″ nails into a plastic frame?  I am not saying it was fun, but I did it and I’m glad it’s over!

Almost there…and then I realized that the black of the frames did not quite match the black trim in the bathroom where I planned to hang them.  Ugh!  Not all paint colors like black, grey, and white are the same.  Back down to the basement and I pulled out the paint from the trim and used it to match the frames to the room.

Now on to the fun part of actually putting in the pictures that this whole project revolved around!  I am by no means an artist or have any kind of computer skills, so when I find a free printable, I get my cardstock right out!  I found a set of 3 very pretty black and white water color feathers from  Since the space only had room for 2 {and I only had 2 frames}, I chose my favorite 2 out of the 3 and did what any respectable upcycler does…I duct-taped them in!  😉

Let me know of any free printable’s that you’ve found online!




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