Quick and Easy DIY Drop Cloth Wreath

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It certainly is winter in my neck of the woods!  How about you?  Another 8 inches of snow fell overnight and my kids love it!  I send them out each day to play and you know what?  They sleep so well every night!  Win, win!

On this cold wintery day, I decided to make a dropcloth wreath to add to the winter mantel in our dining room.  It was so easy, and once I figured out the measurements to cut the fabric, I was done with it in about 30 minutes.  This little DIY definitely satisfied my appetite for quick, easy, and done!

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Here are the supplies that you will need.  (Check your home as you may already have these on hand!)

  • Embroidery hoop (I used a 10 inch hoop for this project)
  • Canvas drop cloth
  • Fabric scissors

That’s it!  Only 3 things are needed!

  1. Cut a 6 inch swath of the drop cloth into a long strip.
  2. Cut 1/2″ to 3/4″ inch rows from this swath.  No need to measure.  Just eye it up, knowing that it doesn’t need to be perfect.  You are going for character, not exact measurements.

3. Tie each of the strips around the hoop.  I used just a simple one loop tie. Continue to bunch them together so that no part of the hoop is seen.

4.  After the hoop has been filled, take a moment to turn all of the knots in the same direction: facing out.

Now it’s time to decorate with your wreath!  I used mine to dress up my winter mantel and am enjoying the little pop of off-white against the stone, wood, and greenery.

Have a great day and drink a cup of hot cocoa for me!



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  1. Linda Swanger

    I love looking at all of your cool ideas they are awesome. I worked with James at New Penn and he was great. I have since retired and am loving being at home. My daughter lives in a town that is famous for their antique shops and love spending time going through them. A cute idea you can do with and old canning jar which I have done is put old marbles in them. Really adds color. I also put up an old game board in my family room and used a canning jar, small old milk bottle and a old shaker jar to put the game pieces in on a small shelf beside the board. Also adds color. Thanks for all of your posts I look forward every day to check them out.

    1. Leigh

      How neat that you have found our new little part of the world! Thanks for following along! Your daughter’s town sounds like a place I’d love to go! 🙂 And thank you for your home decor inspiration! Sounds like you have a lovely home!

  2. Leigh! I LOVE this idea!! So simple, but just so stunning! I may have to try one for myself. Liking, loving, sharing, pinning!! Thanks for linking up for I DIYed that!

    1. Leigh

      Thank you, Jen! I was in the mood for a free DIY that wouldn’t take too long! This totally fit the bill! Thanks for the fun link-up! 🙂

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