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When we purchased our 1836 farmhouse in July 2015, farmhouse decor was not on my radar.  I was looking for a home with character and this one fit that description.  We were also running quite low on time to purchase a house, so we jumped on this home after a second walk-through. { I went into some detail about being at a loss when it came to decorating our home in my post, “Visions of Home“.}

Before our move, I had purged our home of everything that was not worth moving 200 miles.  I really was left with only the things that I loved.  And as I began to shop at some local rummage, antique, and thrift stores, I found myself drawn more and more to the farmhouse feel.  Over the past year, I have spent time looking at home decor trends and I have consistently come across certain items that are becoming staples; and I thought that I would share 6 of those trends with you today.  Here they are {in no particular order}:

Blue Ball Jars

Teal and aqua pops of color are so pretty against a neutral background and these jars bring out the best in this color combo!   You can find these vintage jars in most any antique store.  The price can vary with your location, but I typically see them for $8.  I have used them year-round so far and you can see them above simply decorated with little bottle brush trees and “snow” for winter.

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Painted pianos

You will find {daring} home decorators popping up all over the place with their painted pianos!  It seems like a big task and the hardest part of it is finally deciding to actually do it.  Anyone who has put a paintbrush to a piano has only one regret: not painting it sooner.  I used Rustoleum’s Chalked Paint in Aged Gray to paint our piano and you can read all about the easy process here.

Church pews

I have seen these popping up all over the place including homes and stores.  They may be used daily, only for looks, inside, and outdoors.  Some are shorter at only 3 feet long and others are 8 feet (like mine above)!  My advice: if you are on the hunt for a church pew and find one that makes your heart go pitter-patter, snatch it up because it won’t be there long!

Vintage Scales

These, like the blue Ball jars, are popping up all over the place!  I’ve seen various uses for scales that I come across for sale and in other’s homes.  There is even a market for vintage baby scales!  I think that they are just a fun little piece that can add some charm and fit into a sweet vignette.  They are a year-round staple that goes well with your spring, summer, fall, and winter decor.

Vintage Books

I just couldn’t discuss fun home decor without adding one of my current favorite things: old books!  My kids  have joined in on the vintage book hunt whenever we are in a thrift, rummage, or antique store.  They know my rules: the book must be cheap and have character.  When I say cheap, I usually mean $1 or less.  And character comes in various forms: ripped, old, falling apart, dusty, cool binding or pages, unusual.

Drop Cloths

To say that canvas drop cloths are becoming popular is an understatement.  I am finding them everywhere!  Name something that consists of fabric and I bet someone out there is using drop cloth.  Why?  Well, they are relatively cheap, quite durable, and have a bit of unexpected charm.  I have used drop cloths as curtains in our first floor bathroom and my daughter’s bedroom.  I hope to branch out a little bit and use them to re-upholster a chair and to make some pillow covers.  Really, the sky is the limit at this point when it comes to drop cloths!

Do you see these as passing fads or timeless additions to home decor?  What are some current decor trends that you have in your home?  I’d love to hear from you!



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  1. To me “Farmhouse Style” is all about utilitarian beauty. Farmers never had much money or bought things just for show. Decorating with pieces that are not only beautiful, but useful screams farmhouse style! You have a great list! You asked me what I would add and I have to say my favorite pieces in a farmhouse are the cast iron clawfoot tubs and a cast iron highback farm sinks. They feel strong and hardworking, yet sculptural and just plain pretty! Thanks for sharing your favorite pieces. This was a fun topic! I hope to add a painted piano to my 1893 farmhouse someday, but for now I live vicariously through you.

    1. Leigh

      Yes, Sarah! A cast iron clawfoot tub…I am swooning! I think my part 2 of this series will include my dream farmhouse decor and a tub is on the list! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, friend!

  2. I love your pew! I saw a wooden children’s pew at a garage sale two years ago for only $75, and it just wasn’t in my budget at the time, but I so wish I would have found a way to scoop that one up!! It was so cute, and pews are such a lovely farmhouse element. Your list is perfect! 🙂

    1. Leigh

      Yes, pews are so sweet and definitely popular right now. Fingers crossed that you come across one that makes your heart go pitter-patter and that matches your budget! ♥

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