Ollie Bollen Recipe: How to Make a Traditional Dutch New Years Treat

My Mom is Dutch {she actually immigrated to the US as a child} and on New Years my Beppe {Frisian for grandmother…oh, Frisians are from the province of Friesland in the Netherlands} would make us a special treat, called Ollie Bollen.  Did you get all of that?  I’m sure you weren’t expecting a geography, history, and cooking lesson from me today.  …

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Farmhouse Decorating, Our Farmhouse

Farmhouse Christmas Home Tour {Part One}

It’s the Christmas season and my family is thoroughly enjoying our Advent and Christmas traditions.  Our halls have been decked, there is snow on the ground, gifts are being purchased, and lots of hot cocoa is being made.  Oh, and there are always twinkly Christmas lights and music playing in the background.  Are you curious as to how our home …

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Our Favorite Family Christmas Traditions

I love the hope and joy that the Christmas season brings.  Honestly, I wake up singing Christmas songs in my head and there is a welling up of happiness always brimming beneath the surface.  Sure, there is the added {self-imposed} pressure of a decorated home, gift-buying, and other holiday obligations, but every Christmas I work hard to keep those aspects from …

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