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Once in a Lifetime

In my post from Monday, I alluded to a “once in a lifetime” opportunity headed our way.  Did you make any guesses?  I promise not to lead you on too long.  But before I spill the beans, I need to mention that this opportunity was not even a figment of our imaginations a few years ago.  I went into detail about my journey of surrender and how God brought us from the suburbs in one state to the country {and a farmhouse} in another state.  That move came about from a complete career change for my husband.  It took us by surprise and has become an incredible blessing for our family.

A part of that blessing is the opportunity that lay before us today.  One that will take us 5,600 miles from home.  To a part of the world that we have been reading about since we were little.    The land where Jesus was born, taught, and eventually offered His life as a sacrifice for us.  So that He may work in our lives now and so that we may enjoy eternity in heaven with Him.

Yes!  We are traveling to Israel!

I still can’t even fully comprehend that sentence.  But, I think it will sink in on the long flight.  And even more so when our feet touch the ground in the middle east.

I am overwhelmed by the blessing of this incredible {never even dreamed this big!} trip.  I cannot wait to soak in the culture. Walk the {hot} and dusty roads.  Look up at the Western Wall.  Travel across the border into the West Bank and experience Bethlehem.  Explore the streets of Jerusalem.

And to be completely honest, I am also really looking forward to all the days off from cooking and housework!  I also get my hubby to myself a bit more since I won’t have to “share” him with the kids.  Oh, but we’ll miss them for sure.

I will be a bit quiet here on the blog until our return home.  However, please follow along on your favorite social media: Instagram and/or Facebook as I plan to post there as regularly as possible.  I would love to share this experience with you as it is happening, so plan to check in with us.

And I promise to do a follow-up post about our trip and answer any questions that you may have.  (Leave any questions in the comment section below!)

May your day be blessed and thank you for being a part of our family’s life and following along on our once in a lifetime trip!



  1. Oh my goodness Leigh!!!!! I’m so excited for you!!!! 😍😍😍😍

    1. Leigh

      Thank you, Sarah! It was amazing and I can’t wait to share some in a blog post! ♥

  2. Donna

    Excited to follow your trip Leigh!
    God Bless!❤

    1. Leigh

      Thanks for following along, Donna! ♥

  3. Nan

    So blessed that you get to go to Israel. Wished it were my hubby n myself.❤️ We love Israel too. Have a wonderful n safe trip.

    1. Leigh

      It was such a blessing of a trip, Nan! Thanks for the love! ♥

  4. Deanna

    What a blessing. I would love to visit the land where Jesus was born. I can’t even imagine the emotion you will feel. Be safe and I can’t wait to follow your journey. 😘

    1. Leigh

      It was an incredible trip and I plan to share about it soon! ♥

  5. Bonnie

    For some reason this was in my spam folder & I followed your trip on Facebook before I saw this. We are so glad you & James had this wonderful experience. You got some really great pictures & great memories.

    1. Leigh

      Oh, no! The spam folder! 🙁 So glad you found it though, Bonnie! We are back and had such a wonderful time. I plan to share about it soon! ♥

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