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A Natural Fall Mantel

Now that fall is officially here.  I feel like I can decorate my mantel for the season without being scoffed at for doing so too early.  {And totally random, but the homeschool mom in me has to state that: seasons are not capitalized.  Can I say that?  Hope so, because I just had to so that you wouldn’t think that I don’t know any grammar rules…I know a few!}

Mantels have always been a stumbling point for me.  Our previous home had a fireplace in our living room and I always struggled with decorating it.  And then we moved here.  I thought that one plain mantel was tough.  Now I have three stone fireplaces!  Yikes!  Here are my main creative blocks: working with the texture of the stone, adding enough height, and incorporating dimension.  Yup, a tough list, but I am determined to conquer it this fall season.

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I found a neat resource with Shutterfly to help me {and you} as we decorate what is often a focal point in our home: the mantel.  I tend to gravitate towards natural elements, along with anything that is vintage {which the husband calls: beat up junk that costs too much…ha!}  And the Shutterfly list of items to incorporate helped give me a launching point to create a natural fall mantel that reflected my style.

Do you remember this stone fireplace in our living room that I whitewashed earlier this year?  I am still so glad that I did.  It has been nice to now decorate with wood accents that are able to be seen against the light stone.

Through the Shutterfly website, I found some great tips that helped me to stay focused on what I was trying to accomplish with this mantel.

1. Take cues from nature and incorporate fall colors.

I will be honest…I struggled with this one a little bit.  Since moving in to our farmhouse, I find myself gravitating towards subtle color.  I tried a few more colorful options, but they did not suit my style.  But!  I love lots of color pops…in other people’s home.  So, if orange pumpkins are your jam…go for it!

2. Add pumpkins and natural elements from the outdoors.

I added some small and a bigger sized white pumpkin…and more grapevines!  {Did you see my grapevine wreath from the other day?}

3. Combine a part of nature with a white candle in a jar.

This one was fun to incorporate.  Apparently we have a walnut tree in our back yard.  So I did what any frugal blogger would do…I went outside and picked nuts up off the ground.  I dropped them into this vintage jar and added a white votive.

4. Use autumn art.  I actually used the one from Shutterfly and you can see it here.

Although most people would place this pretty {free} printable in a traditional frame…I did not.  I loved this vintage chippy frame and the depth it added, so I simply hung the printable with a little jute {and tape} from the frame.

After stepping back and looking at this mantel, I think that it all works well together.  I remained true to my decor style and incorporated various elements that I enjoy working with.  And I hope that I accomplished my goals of working with {and not against} the stone, as well as adding height and dimension.

Do you have a mantel to decorate for fall?  I highly recommend taking a peek at Shutterfly’s website as it will give you focus and a goal.  But most of all: be true to your style…no matter what that style is!



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