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My March Reading List

This is not my normal decor post, but this momma needs a break from projects once in a while, right?  🙂  I really enjoy taking a break here and there to do some reading.  Over the past 10 years, I have found reading to be essential in my growth as a Christian, wife, and mom.  In an effort to hold myself a little more accountable, I decided to start sharing my monthly reading goals.  And I really hope that I get some feedback from you as well!  I would love to hear what you are reading, book recommendations, and whether you’ve read what I am reading!

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1. Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret (by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor)

Since the New Year, my kids and I have been reading books during our homeschool day about missionaries.  We have also read short stories and snippets throughout the past few years during history.  I decided to up my game a little bit and read an “adult” book about an influential missionary.  Hudson Taylor was born and raised in England in the early to mid 1800’s and became a missionary in China.  (You can read more of his story here.)  I am looking forward to Taylor’s testimony and how God will use it to challenge me in my life.


2.  Balance that Works When Life Doesn’t (by Susie Larson)

At least 10 years ago, I was introduced to Susie Larson and her incredible speaking and writing gift at a women’s conference.  I can still recall some of the stories and illustrations that she used.  I have read a few of her books since, but this one has been sitting on my bookshelf for too many years.  This is the month for her book!  I don’t necessarily feel like my life is currently unbalanced, but I have a feeling that Susie may say it is…and show me how to get it into balance.


3.  Age of Opportunity (by Paul David Tripp)

My Mom introduced me to Paul David Tripp through his book, Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands.  That book was so incredibly insightful that I searched for other books that he has authored on Amazon.  And I came up with book, which is a “Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens”…what?!  I have a teen?  Somehow I forgetting that my kids keep getting older…and so do I!  We currently have a 14 year old and a teen on the way at the age of 12.  (And then I love having a “little” guy who is 9!)  I am excited to be challenged in how to grow as a parent of teenagers.  I want to guide them Biblically as they discover God’s will for their lives and I am hoping that Tripp’s book will steer me in that direction.

If you are curious as to what I read last month, you can see that post here.  And the blog post that got it all started, in which I re-capped my top books from last year, can be read here.

So, tell me friends.  What is currently on your reading list?



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  1. Geka

    Presently reading Tim Keller’s “Walking With God through Pain and Suffering.” Excellent read on the why if pain and suffering. It is not exhaustive on the subject but almost, which tells you it is a must read.

    1. Leigh

      Wow! Sounds like an intense book! Maybe you can give me the Cliff Notes…for now! 😉

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