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$100 Room Challenge: Mud Room Makeover {Week Three Update}

Oh, happy day!  This $100 Room Challenge makeover is getting so close to the end and I am really excited about the progress this past week.  One of my goals has been mud room organization and to make this space functional.  I thrive on everything having a place {even if it doesn’t always make it to that place}.  And now everything has a place in our mud room!  Of course, I had to add some character to the room too.

{In case you missed the previous posts: Before Post  →   Week One Progress   →   Week Two Progress}

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Remember the “mud room table?”  I know, I know, that’s a super unique name for it.  Here’s a little reminder for you:

Mud Room Organization

This table is important to our coming and going, but after so many years of looking at it like this, I felt like it needed to go dark and bold.  So, I pulled out some chalk paint that I had leftover from a previous project and got to work giving it a fresh look.

Mud Room Organization

After 3 coats of paint, a little distressing, and one coat of clear wax, it looks like a completely different table.  Who says that mud room organization has to look ugly?  Not this girl…functional can be pretty!

Mud Room Organization

Mud Room Organization

Mud Room Organization

Do you see those bins hanging on the wall?  They were both little storage units that I have had in our house.  The top unit was actually hanging in our living room and it lost it’s purpose in there, so helping this mud room organization project has given it a new function.

Mud Room Organization

Remember that deodorant sign from my very first post about this project?  I decided to take it down…hopefully permanently.  My solution for now was to purchase an extra deodorant and keep it here, in the mud room.  Every time I go to grab my keys, I will see it and ask if everyone is wearing deodorant.  And if they aren’t, well, I’ve got some right here!

Mud Room Organization

Now let’s swing around and check out the opposite side of the mud room.  I have been fed up with hats and gloves all over the place.  And the never ending, “I can’t find _______.”  Momma isn’t going to take that excuse any longer.

My solution was to purchase these canvas-type bags and using hooks, they were hung up on an old board that is attached to the wall.  {Thank you Mr. Little by Little Farmhouse!}  There is one basket for each of my kiddos, with the shortest child having the lowest basket.

Mud Room Organization

I absolutely love this storage solution.  The kids can easily grab whatever they may need from their bag.  And by using hooks, the bags can easily be taken down to clean or to rummage a little deeper for a missing glove.  I also figure that after the winter weather, we would use these year round for baseball hats, etc.  I know that my kids will find something to keep in these.

Mud Room Organization

Mud Room Organization

The last part of this mud room makeover is something that I am really excited to share with you and it’s…our new coat rack!  I love to re-purpose things and this project was definitely all about that.  Mr. Little by Little Farmhouse did an amazing job using two {possibly 180 year old} boards that we found in our attic to build this unique coat rack.

Mud Room Organization

To stabilize the boards and to bear the weight of the top board, he used some wood that we already had on hand to construct three braces.  We then used the hooks that were on our previous ladder coat rack and attached them to this coat rack.  {Oh and those hooks come with a story too as they were in my grandparents home at their back door!}

Mud Room Organization

Let’s do a quick run-down of the budget:

Week One Expenses: $13.47

Week Two Expenses: $23.75

Chalk Paint: $0 (leftover from previous project)

Clear Wax: $0 (leftover from previous project)

Metal Storage Bins: $0 (already had these)

Canvas Bags: $26.97

Hooks: $0 (already had these and found some random around our house)

Boards: $0 (found in our home or re-purposed from other project)

Switch/Outlet Covers: $4.53

Week Three Expenses: $31.50

Total expenses so far: $68.72

Amount left in the budget: $31.28

I absolutely love how this makeover is coming together.  A mud room organization intervention was definitely needed and now accomplished.

My decorating motto for our farmhouse is: functional, character, and coziness.  I feel like I am accomplishing those first two goals in this space.  Now to add the “cozy” part {or as cozy as a mud room can be} this coming week.  So, be sure to pop back next Wednesday {January 31st} for the final reveal.

And, as always, follow along on Instagram for sneak peeks.

{Edit: Here are the links to the other posts in this blog series: Before/Plans   —   Week One   —   Week Two   —   Final Reveal}


Mud Room Organization


  1. I LOVE how you hung baskets to collect the stuff. So creative and a great way to keep stuff off the floor and looking cute instead of cluttery.

    1. Leigh

      Thanks, Gabby! I am so happy to get those things off the floor and use the little bit of wall space that I have in here.

  2. Jenifer

    Oh, Leigh, I had to laugh about the deodorant part ! I have twin sons (now are 25)
    and I so remember those teenage years!! Hang in there!

    1. Leigh

      I so need that encouragement, Jenifer! It will make for funny stories someday though, right? Thanks for stopping over!

  3. Emy

    The table looks great painted! I need to steal your basket idea! So smart, especially for winter with all of the mittens and hats!

    1. Leigh

      Thank you, Emy! I am loving the table now too. And please steal my idea! 🙂

  4. Oh My gosh! That shelf is amazing! I love it! And that console table looks fabulous as black and distressed 🙂 Very pretty!

    1. Leigh

      Thank you so much, Kristen! I really appreciate your encouraging words.

  5. First, let me thank you from the bottom of my middle school teacher’s heart. A reminder to put some deodorant on (we call it pit-stick)…yes! Second, I love everything you have going on here. The baskets…oh yeah! Also like what you did with that table and want to add some dark chalk paint to my collection. Curious, where do you get your wax? I keep hearing about clear and dark wax. I know about the min-wax but what are the other types? Thanks.

    1. Leigh

      Oh, Kelli, bless your middle school teacher heart! 🙂 And thank you for your sweet words. For this project, I used the Amy Howard at Home Beeswax. If you click on the pink words “clear wax” in the post, it will take you to that product. I have been using this wax for a few projects and I love how easy it is to apply and buff off. By the time I am ready to wax, I want something easy and quick and this fits that bill.

  6. Bonnie

    Great makeover, it’s a good feeling to see the finished product. Looks great.

    1. Leigh

      Thanks, Bonnie! I don’t cringe looking at our mud room anymore…woohoo! 🙂

  7. Leigh – this looks amazing so far!! I love how creative and resourceful you are getting with the shelf and the bags. And how sweet that you are using the same hooks that have been used for generations. I love it. Your space looks beautiful and you are knocking that budget out of the park!

    1. Leigh

      Your sweet words have really encouraged me! Thank you for taking the time to do that! Blessings to you! xo

  8. I’m loving what you did with that table and those baskets are such a cool idea!

    1. Leigh

      Thank you, Nicki! This room is so much more functional now…and pretty too! 🙂

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  11. Love the dark color on the table with the added distressing 🙂 And what a great solution to everything that belongs in a mudroom! The baskets look like the hold a ton of stuff… Also…totally laughing about the deodorant 🙂

    1. Leigh

      Thanks, Erin!
      Those baskets do hold a lot…but the kids still seem to be able to overflow them. Ha! And yes, #teenstinkyproblems. 😉

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