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Mom’s Reading Corner Makeover

Friends!  I am so excited about this makeover!  Can you tell by my use of exclamation points that I am so happy to share this with you?  In the midst of the massive project of painting the exterior of our home, I needed to add a little side project so that I could feel like I can accomplish something.  You know, because the outside painting will never ever be done.  Yup, I’m a little dramatic.  Now back to this makeover…

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Our family room was an addition to our farmhouse and was built by the previous owners in the 1990’s.  I have always had a special {unexplained} affection for this room.   We began to work on this room in the early spring by painting it and having carpeting installed.  You can read all about that update here.

Those changes were wonderful, but the room has pretty much stayed the same ever since.  I have many plans for this space, but I am {patiently} waiting on my inspiration and budget to align.  This past week, I did, however, get started on some of the room.

I like to call this space: Mom’s Reading Corner.  Someday I hope to relax and sip a sweet drink here more often.  I do, however, use this corner for my devotions each morning and I love having a space just for me.

But, it was a bit boring…

See, I told you it was boring.

I know that we often see dramatic makeovers and wonder how long it took them to accomplish it.  I often question how much time and where they got that time from.  Sometimes we have plenty of time to give to a project and other times, well, not so much.

My goal for this project was to spend as little time as possible, but still achieve dramatic results.  And I think that I accomplished that.  Do you want to know how?

Chalky Mineral Paint.  That’s how.

And the next question is: what is that?  In short, it is paint in an aerosol-type container.  Think spray paint…but so much better!

I only spent a few hours over the course of a week on this makeover.  I only worked on it when I had time.  Or when it wasn’t raining.  Or when I was in the mood for some quick painting.

Here is my line-up of “assistants” to accomplish this fun, easy, and quick makeover:

Eek, aren’t those colors beautiful?

I jumped right in using the “Parisian Nights” to paint this reading lamp.  The original finish on it was not my style, but I had picked it up on sale at Target a few years ago.  In absolutely no time it received a full makeover.  I am quite smitten with how handsome it looks now!

{Please note that all of these finishes are in a matte sheen.  I prefer a “duller” outcome.  If you are looking for a gloss finish, Amy Howard at Home has you covered.  Hop on over to see all the pretty colors by clicking here.}

Next on my to-do list is this vintage step ladder.  I love chippy things.  I really do.  But, this step ladder had seen better days and I wanted to give it a more respectable presence.

I used Amy Howard’s “Clean Slate” to wipe down every piece before I began spraying it.  In the past, I have been known to cheat when it comes to the prep work.  I never knew what to use, so I would resort to a damp cloth.  After trying out the Clean Slate, I am a recovering prep work drop-out and plan to use this from here on out.

I decided on another beautiful shade of gray for this step ladder.  The one is called Marche and it is the perfect middle gray.

Just a sneak peek at this step ladder’s humble beginnings:

After three coats of the Chalky Mineral Paint, I tried my hand at the “Vintage Wood: Mind Your Own Beeswax”.  I love the name!  And I have to say that this was the easiest wax to apply.  It comes in a squeeze bottle and goes on effortlessly.  The result is a smooth coat that will protect the wood and paint from drinks placed on top of it.

Last, but not least were two shutters that I found hiding in the rafters of our garage.  We believe them to be fairly original to the house.  At some point, they were removed and stowed away.

After a very thorough sweeping and wipe down with a dry cloth, I finished the clean-up with the Clean Slate.

Since these shutters were a dark green and the color I chose to paint them is a very light gray, I decided to brush on a coat of primer.

I have worked with traditional spray paint for years now and this was my first time using a chalk “spray” paint.  I did find that it was different and had to adjust my technique some, but all in a good way.  Here are the top three tips that I learned:

  1. You gotta shake it.  A lot.  The paint is much thicker than a spray paint, so you need to put a little more time into getting the ball inside the can moving around.
  2. Spray a lot closer to your project than you would a traditional spray paint.  I found that the best results came when I was only a few inches away.  {As with all sprays, keep it in constant motion or you will end up with drips.}
  3. Chalk mineral paint dries much faster than spray paint.  Woot woot!  You do still need to allow an hour in between coats, but it is plenty dry by then.

Are you wondering how all these different items are pulled together for a mom’s reading corner?  You can wonder no more because I have all the after pics that you’ve been waiting for!

Were you wondering what I would do with all of the neutral Chalk Mineral Paint colors?  I honestly found these shades of gray to be super dreamy.  But in this room with high ceilings and white walls, they needed some color around them.  The shutters helped solve the wall height problem and I think they look so much prettier in a light shade of gray.

Do you see that fun vintage yellow Coca-Cola crate down there?  It was the inspiration for me to add some whimsy and color into this space.  Namely, yellow.

I also used this pillow that I already had on hand as the basis for the rest of the color scheme.

Thanks for stopping by, friend.  I hope that you feel inspired to makeover a little corner just for yourself…and in only a few hours!

If you need me, you know where to find me…right here with a sweet drink in my hand and a book on my lap.



{I received these products from Amy Howard at Home in exchange for an honest review.}



  1. Maureen

    What a great space. Love the pops of yellow fabric

    1. Leigh

      Thank you, Maureen! Pops of yellow seem to be my thing in our farmhouse! ♥

  2. Oh my goodness! I do believe this is the cutest little reading corner ever! Now I’m brainstorming where I can create my own little reading corner! 😉😍😍😍

    1. Leigh

      You are so sweet, Sarah! Go for it…and then take pictures and share them! 🙂

  3. Glenda Shine

    I had two older brothers who never had much to do with me, therefore I felt like a well loved only child. This is just to say, I need my time alone. I read my devotions in the morning with a cup of hot cocoa and this space looks like a dream to me! You did a beautiful job with little time and simple effort, you made that space your own! I always end up with brush strokes so I prefer spray paint.I had no idea that there was a chalk paint available in spray! Thank you, you have opened up a whole new possibility for me!

    1. Leigh

      I so love your sweet comment! Thank you for your encouragement. And please let me know if you try this chalk spray paint! ♥

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