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Making a Pew Functional

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you have probably seen our pew quite a few times.  It has even popped up on the blog from time to time.  It originally was placed in our dining room, but moved into our living room last fall.  This pew really is stunning…but, very long.  8 feet to be exact.  And it has a slight curve.  Both of those things give it character, but they greatly reduce the amount of places that it can fit in our home.

I see this pew sitting in our living room for quite some time.  And due to a lack of furniture {yes, still}, we really need the pew to be a bit more comfortable.

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First up, was a cushion.  I was on the hunt for one and was quite shocked by the price of cushions available from major retailers.  And they were only four feet long!  I would need two!  Yikes!  It was definitely way out of the budget.

My search then took me to a local craft and sewing store.  After my daughter picked me up off the floor, we quickly left.  We were there to price foam cushions so that we could make one ourselves, and again, I was shocked by how out of the budget foam was too.

And then, Amazon came to my rescue!  Woohoo!  I ordered a FoamTouch Upholstery Foam Cushion and it was here in just a few days.  I am so glad that I held out for a high density cushion and didn’t lower my requirements just to pick one up at the store.

Then the search was on for fabric.  Hmmm…I wonder what “color” I chose?  Yup.  White.  Maybe it’s boring for some people, but it goes well in the room and will match any decor that I may switch up for the seasons.  I used a white duck canvas fabric for the cushion cover.  I really wanted a fabric that was opaque and durable.

My sweet Mom made the cushion cover for me.  Isn’t she the best?  We opted for the easy route that would allow me to remove and wash it as needed.  She simply turned the fabric inside out and sewed it like a very large pillowcase.  And then painstakingly shoved the foam inside…all eight feet!

Now that our bottoms would be more comfy on the pew, we needed something to rest our backs on as well.  Using some of the extra fabric from the cushion, along with an extra window panel, a few pillows were made.  Let me stop here and give a disclaimer.  I am not good at sewing.  But, I can get a job done.  And please don’t ever look closely at my sewing.

If you want to know my secrets, here it goes.  I used some pillows that I already had.  Some I did not like the fabric anymore, so I ripped that off.  Others were just cheapy ones from Wal-Mart.  Basically, I cut out two squares (or rectangles), pinned them together at the edges and sewed along the pins.  And then I flipped them inside out, shoved the pillow in and cheated by using the sewing machine to close up the last end.

You really don’t need to be good at sewing to add budget-friendly pillows to your home.  Trust me on this one…no one will ever notice.  Keep that as our secret, okay?




  1. This is genius!!!! And I love that you found a way to do it all on a budget AND make the cushion cover washable!! Completely brilliant, sweet friend!😍😍

    1. Leigh

      Thank you, Sarah! Budget and washable are the name of the game with kids! 😉

  2. Love this idea! I’m not a great sewer so this is my kind of DIY! Plus…my pew needs some love!

    1. Leigh

      Sewing-challenged women unite! 😉 You’ve got this, Kelly! Thank you for the encouragement too! ♥

  3. I love this DIY! Also, I am obsessed with your gallery wall! I know it wasn’t the main focus on this blog but I love how you designed it!

    1. Leigh

      You are such a sweetheart for stopping over! And I so appreciate your kind words! Gallery walls are not my strong suit, but this one seems to of turned out okay! 🙂

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