How to Make Curtains from a Twin-Sized Sheet

Last week I revealed the before and after of my kiddos reading nook.  You can check it out here.  But promise to be right back, okay?

Today I wanted to share some details about this makeover, as well as the surprising household items that I used!

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Let’s start with some pretty pictures of the space:

Now that we are all caught up, let’s rewind time a little bit to see how we got to this point.  Ready?  Let’s do it…

This hope chest.  This was a hard one, friends.  You see, this belonged to my grandmother and it was given to me after she passed away.  I have had it for around 15 years now and besides living in three different homes with us, it has been used in bedrooms and living rooms.  All these years, I have felt like it would be so wrong of me to paint it…even when it clashed with my decor.  My Mom keeps saying that once she gives me a piece of furniture, I can do anything that I want with it.  Well, 2017 is the year that I finally took her up on it with this hope chest.  With baited breath, I began to paint.

And yes, I used my trusty Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint!

So, what do you think?  If you hate it…don’t tell me!  😉

Now on to some other details.  Like the curtains:

Did I fool you?  Those aren’t curtains!  They’re sheets!  What?!  I know!  I’m crazily living on the edge here!  Ha!

Seriously though.  These curtains are a flat twin-sized sheet.  I just couldn’t find any curtains in a style or price range that fit this space, so I made my own.  Here are all the details:

After washing and drying the sheet, the next thing to do is to hem the bottom of the sheet to fit the window.  I had an 11 inch hem.

Using a seam ripper, I opened the top part of the sheet so that a curtain rod could slip in there.

A quick little ironing…

Now for the part that I go a little extra wild!  😉  I didn’t want the curtains to be a solid white, but I was not interested in any designs.  A few stripes were right up my alley though.  A bit of chalk paint and some painters tape and I had a few stripes!

I opted for a thicker stripe with a thinner stripe above and below it.  You can use a ruler or a cloth ruler to accomplish the desired stripe thickness.

Add some plastic under the area that you will be painting to prevent the paint from seeping through the cloth.

I wanted the stripes to look a little more worn and not quite as bold, so I used a light gray shade and I wasn’t a fanatic about coverage.

You will want to pull up the tape while the paint is still a little tacky.  It dried very quickly, so I pulled up the tape as soon as I was done with each stripe.

Once the paint was dry, I cut the sheet in half vertically so that I would have two curtains.  A quick little hem of the sides that were just cut and  the curtains are ready to hang!

Can I let you in on another little secret?  That blue cushion and pillow were both made from a tablecloth!  Yikes!  I know!  And…that white pillow was made from some of the white fitted sheet that I did not use for the curtains!


My sweet Momma made the slipcover for this cushion!  Isn’t she wonderful?!

Oh, and shhh…don’t tell her about this picture!  😉

So, what do you think?  What’s your favorite part?  The painted hope chest?  The {sheet} curtains?  The {tablecloth} cushion?





  1. What a genius way to create curtains! #iDIYedthat

    1. Leigh

      Thanks, Lindsey! 🙂

  2. […] Leigh shared how to make {budget-friendly} curtains using a twin-size sheet. […]

  3. I absolutely love it! We are expecting a baby boy in December and I am on the lookout for thrifty ideas for a boys room makeover! Thanks for sharing!

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