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Heart and Feet

Behind all of these post-makeover room tours is a family of five making a new life.  Due to life’s circumstances, by early 2015 my husband and I had come to the end of ourselves physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.  We were pressing in and leaning hard on God.  We knew that He was faithful to see us through that present season in our lives.  We had no idea how He would do it, but we knew He would.  We remained open to watching the miracle unfold in front of us.

Fast forward to today…17 months after leaving our family’s hometown and we still feel His presence and will in our lives.  At the time of our move, it seemed easy to leave.  The peace that we had with a new career and home state was incredible.  There were tears, but behind those we felt God’s blessing upon this leap of faith.  We packed up our belongings and set out one summer morning in our U-Haul’s.  We were taking our three children to a new home that they had never step foot in.  The trust they had in us was such a great example of faith.

Only a few days after our arrival, it hit me.  We moved.  We left.  We were alone.  Those feelings were overwhelming.  I cried.  Every day.  The kids cried.  We cried alone.  And we cried together.

We were blindsided by unforeseen issues and expenses with our new home.  We were overwhelmed by all that needed to be done.  Forget about what we wanted to do, life was based solely on needs.

A few months in and we began to come back up for air.  There were days of happiness and even joy.  Crying some each day became once a week tears.

When I began to feel overwhelmed as our first spring began to bloom, Psalm 34:8 grew out of my soul in an instant: “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”  Yes!  He is good!  He wants good for me!  He has good for me!  Do I see the good?  I began to look around and say, “Yes! I see your good, Lord!”  He has a good future here for our family.

As I looked to taste His goodness, I realized that there was something missing…in me.  My feet were here.  In our new home.  But my heart was there.  In our old hometown.  I could of picked up at any moment and run back there.  Then my feet and my heart would be in the same place.  But that is not what God had asked of us.  He asked us to leave.  We did.  And now He wanted me to be fully here.  Not there.


That was when I decided that after many, many visits to our hometown that I needed my heart to catch up to my feet.  After a mid-summer visit, I was determined to align my heart and feet.  My feet were in our new hometown and they needed to stay there.  That meant the only option was for my heart to join my feet.  It wasn’t easy to stay put, but I knew that God would bless this alignment with His will.


It only took a few months, but those months were spent plugging in and forming relationships.  I worked relentlessly over the summer on our kid’s bedrooms.  I needed to make my mark on our home.

And when the time came to journey back to our hometown for Thanksgiving break last week, I prayed that I was ready.  Oh, it was such happy days reconnecting with family and friends.  We easily fit right back into life there.  And then a surprising thing happened.  I awoke three days into our vacation and realized that I was looking forward to going back home when the time came.  I thought through some fun upcoming projects and I was excited to dive back into real life.  At first, I didn’t realize the significance of those few minutes.  But, on our drive back home, the thought hit me: my heart had caught up with my feet!


I know that there will still be moments when we long for the life we thought we would be living.  But, as we see little glimpses of the road ahead of us, we rest in the fact that God’s got us in the palm of His hand.

Friend, if you have taken a leap of faith and journeyed beyond where you ever thought you would, rest in Him.  Whether you’ve moved 1 hour or 4 hours or 24 hours from a home, I get it.  There will be hard days.  However, there will be moments of contentment.  And those moments will grow to hours and then to days, weeks, and months.  It is a process, but I have found that resting in God and asking Him to converge your feet and heart in the same place is the first step.  Then, open your eyes and fully taste the goodness that our heavenly Father has for us!

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

Blessings to you, friend!



  1. Bonnie

    Although we’ve lived in our home for over 50 years, you never know what the future holds in store for you. It would hard for us to leave, but we know that God is always with us to help us through whatever lies ahead. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sure it will help someone to lean on God through the good & difficult times in their lives.

    1. leighsn

      Thank you, Bonnie! Your words are so kind. And you should totally start a blog…your home is beautiful! 🙂

  2. Tameka Bowman

    This was beautifully written! Love ya Leigh!

    1. leighsn

      Thank you, sweet friend! xo

  3. Madolyn SANDIFER

    Leigh, This article has blessed me beyond measure. Reminded me when we were transplants from Virginia. We had 4 kiddos to help through the transition but God’ reaurrance was always there. Looking forward to your next blog.

    God bless you on this journey. Love to you and your family.

    1. leighsn

      So good to hear from you, Madolyn! Thank you for your super sweet words!

  4. Geka

    Aw you are making me cry. I knew this time would come and I know the process was not easy…especially for a planner and then the need to be done instantly-personality-type person….who could that be?…process can be difficult. But God is there in it all. Loved reading this. Beautiful words!!

    1. leighsn

      🙂 xo

  5. Aunt Rita

    Leigh, I can so relate after moving several times, the hardest from PA to VA, I felt we moved to a different country! But God in his sovereignty, guides and prods us only willingly, to fulfill what he has destined uniquely for each one who submits their entire life to Him. God bless you my sweet niece. Love, Aunt Rita

    1. leighsn

      Oh, Aunt Rita! Thank you for your sweet and encouraging words! Love you! xo

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