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Happy New Year!

Hello, friends!  I hope that your Christmas was wonderful!  We had a fantastic Christmas weekend with my parents in town to celebrate with us.  And this week has been a much needed break from school.  We are enjoying more laid back days to play and catch up around the house.

And this weekend is New Year’s!  Wow!  2016 certainly has flown by!

I do love this time of the year for its contemplative undertone.  Yesterday, I set Pandora to Shane & Shane while I took down the Christmas decorations.  That station is perfect for this season of reflecting upon the previous year and considering the year ahead.  I am not one for formal New Year’s Resolutions.  Mostly because, for me, they seem to be a statement of something that I know that I should do.  They don’t stick.  You know why?  Because my heart is not really into it.  But once my heart gets on board with something, that train is on the move!

I have found over the course of the past few years that God has impressed a word or phrase upon me as a new year dawns.  These are the impetuous for me to jump fully into a new step in my walk with Him.  I have owned these in the past: Submission, Revolution, Be thankful, and for 2016: Choose joy. After much thought and contemplation upon the area’s that God has been working in my life, 2017’s word is: Intentional.

I want to be intentional in:

  • My relationships as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend
  • The use of my time {“What is the best thing for me to do right at this moment?”}
  • Creating whitespace for God to work in and through me

As all of those thoughts swirled in my head, I set my hands to changing out the Christmas decor on our dining room mantel.  If you missed what it has looked like throughout December, you can catch up right here.  Go ahead and check it out…we’ll wait right here for you.

Now, this fireplace takes up a massive amount of real estate in our dining room.  It has quite the rustic vibe going on too.  I am always trying to work with that, but also feel the need to add some light decor to the mantel as dark decor often gets lost.

And now for a little tour of all the nooks and crannies of this massive beast…

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And now for the mantel…

As I transitioned this space from Christmas to winter, I first removed all of the red decor.  I did keep the winter greenery and the white twinkly lights, along with that chippy screen.  I did not purchase anything new for this space, but simply shopped around my house.  This fireplace sets the tone for the room, and I really wanted it to be fresh with a touch of bright white as we begin a new year.

May your New Year’s weekend be full of joy and laughter!

And in case it isn’t white out your way, here’s some snow for you:


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