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Working {Out} the Mom Body

This blog post has been six months in the making.  And I’ve written it out over a dozen times in my head.  Lots of revisions.  I am determined to get it out of my mind and heart and onto this page though.  Because I feel that encouraging you will be worth stepping out of my comfort zone.

Three months ago, I wrote part one of this post, called “Accepting the Mom Body“.  And after writing that, I hit a little lull in my exercise routine.  I had to up the ante a bit and I needed to refocus on my original goal.  I mentioned some goals in my previous post about seeing better health and fitness in my life.  But in true woman fashion, I had an ulterior goal.  And it was that I would give myself six months of this work-out lifestyle and if by Memorial Day, I wasn’t fitting into my summer shorts better, than I was done.  Yup, I was going to quit.

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I had started out my new exercise regime with high ideals.  You know, lose 10 pounds that first month, etc.  You know what?  I lost zero pounds that first month.  And you know what else?  When I wrote that original mom body post at three months in, I still had lost zero pounds.  Ugh.

Had I begun to notice changes to my body?  Yes.  It actually took two months to notice any difference.  One day I folded my arms and was pleasantly surprised to find that my upper arms felt smaller.  Yay!  My focus was more on my mid-section, but a little less in the arm department was alright by me.  Soon after that I began to notice a change in my shoulders.  They were looking a bit more lean and strong.  Again, not what I was looking for, but I’ll take it.

Back to the half-way mark…three months.  I had gone through Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred and after three months of this workout, I was looking for something a bit more challenging.  Since I had not lost as much weight or inches as I was hoping for, I decided to increase my cardio.  I am by no means a personal trainer or health professional, but I do know that cardio is the best way to lose fat.  I had enjoyed the variety of cardio and strength training in the 30 Day Shred and I would highly recommend it for those just starting a fitness journey.  But at this time, I was looking to push myself…a lot.

After feeling like Jillian taught and pushed me in the first video, I decided to stick with her.  {I did try some other exercise programs very briefly that left me barely sweating.}  I came across her Banish Fat Boost Metabolism.  Sounds just up my alley.  The next day I laced up my sneakers and started the work-out.  Oh.  my.  goodness.  Here I thought that I was doing pretty good in the cardio department.  Yeah, not that good.  Can I tell you that during the workout I almost vomited that first week?  Every day.  This had nothing to do with food, but the fact that my heart was not in as good of shape as I thought that it was.

But I stuck with it.  5 days a week for over 2 months.  Can I tell you that I was back to square one with being sore?  Some nights I had a hard time sleeping because my muscles were so sore.  {I did discover that stretching throughout the day would help alleviate this nighttime symptom.}

It was rough and I still have not done the entire work-out.  I do most of the work-out and I hope to increase to the full program soon.  In the meantime, I am focusing on performing each movement with more strength and purpose.  Jump higher.  Squat lower.

I do love Jillian’s exercise routine as it is circuit training, which makes it easy to say that you have time to do say, 4 circuits, and then skip to the cool down.  I increased my work-out time to include a solid 30 minutes of cardio, which meant that I needed to get myself going a bit earlier in the morning to accommodate a 40 minute time-slot.  {A proper warm-up and cool-down is essential, so don’t skip those!}

Do I walk out of the room from this work-out sweaty?  Ummm…that is an understatement.  I have sweat dripping off of me and my smell, well it’s not so pleasant.  But I don’t care because I just conquered something that I didn’t think I had in me a year ago.

Are there days that I feel like being lazy?  Yes. Do I sometimes want to sleep in and skip it?  Yes.  But does my day go better after taking the time to care for my body?  Yes.  And that final yes is the one that is winning each day.

Do you feel like your days of being in shape are past you?  I get it.  I felt that way too.  But the alternative for me is to eat too much ice cream, complain about being winded and my pants not fitting well.  Would it just be easier to buy new clothing?  Sure.  Would it be more fun than working-out?  Maybe.  But would I feel as good about my accomplishment?  No.

And speaking of pants…or shorts…

I met my goal!  The shorts that were tight on me last summer, now fit!  Do I plan to pair them with a bikini?  Heck no.  Those days are gone for me and I am way okay with that.  You know why?  Because I’m a 41 year old mom who can now run down the beach {in my tankini!} and not get winded. And that is a win in my book.

So, what about you?  I would love to encourage you in any fitness journey, just leave a comment below.  And trust me, if I can take this next step towards health, you can too!  Decide that today is the day to start this change and go for it.  Trust me, tomorrow you will be so glad that you started today!



  1. That’s awesome!!! I really need to get into exercising. Thank you for the motivation!

    1. Leigh

      Thank you for encouraging me back! ♥

  2. Leigh, thanks for this encouragement!! I have recently (in the last month) started exercising again- and while I haven’t lost any weight, I am noticing changes in how I feel and how my clothes are fitting – so I guess I’ll take it!😉 Cheering you on, sweet friend!!! Let’s do this!!💕

    1. Leigh

      You go, Sarah! Woohoo! So excited to hear that you are noticing changes! But I sure wish we would automatically lose some weight/inches/calories for every time we say no to dessert! 😉 Wouldn’t that be awesome?! ♥

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