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Free Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Doesn’t it feel like spring and Mother’s Day are synonymous?  They are for me, at least.  All the pretty flowers blooming, longer days, and the sunshine just want us to celebrate the mom’s in our lives!

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This year is my 14th Mother’s Day of being a mom.  Really?  I still feel like I’m 18 some days.  Ha!  Even though there have been many wonderful Mother’s Days, I still remember my very first one quite vividly.  It kind of felt like a second birthday to me.  And it had nothing to do with fancy gifts because, at the time, we didn’t have money for gifts.

Lately, I have been seeing so many gift-giving lists with gorgeous ideas that I, quite frankly, would gladly receive.  But I think back to so many Mother’s Days where we were living on a tight budget.  Those are the ones that I remember the most.  It wasn’t an extravagant gift that made me feel loved, but how many husband and children made me feel special.  In honor of them, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of free gifts for husbands and children to give to their mom’s.  This post is dedicated to those who want to be creative, make a memory without any fluff, or do not have the means to purchase gifts.  Listed below, are 7 free gifts for the mom in your life.  Be sure to read to the bottom because number 7 is my personal favorite!

1. Homemade Card:

Yes, this is a bit cliche, but every mom loves the thought put into a homemade card.  You really get a glimpse of how a child sees their mom when they are simply given a blank piece of paper.  Their personality shines through and these cards have so much character and will be the ones that a mom will cherish for years.  And, husbands!  You can get in on the card-making too.  I promise, she will love it!

So, grab some paper, markers, crayons, paint, glitter, glue and scissors and be creative.  Let every child’s card be unique and watch how excited they are to give mommy their handmade card.

2. Flowers:

Do you have some pretty blooms in your yard?  Would a neighbor or a friend let you clip a few flowers from their yard?  Trim them to display in a vase and present these to mom on Mother’s Day morning.

3. A production:

This idea works best with children that are at least in their elementary school years.  If they are older than that, you may not have to help much when you give them free reign over an idea.  Think creatively.  How about putting on a play for Mom?  Maybe a magic show?  Act out a favorite story?  Do you have a comedian in your family that likes to tell jokes?  Make a movie and play it for her on Mother’s Day.  Act out some of your favorite family moments.  Put together a slide show using family photos.  Recreate fun moments in your family by acting them out.  The sky is the limit on this one!  Just be sure to have at least one rehearsal before the big day so mom doesn’t have to pretend to smile when the production is painful to watch due to a lack of prep work.

4. Take a hike:

No, really.  Go on a hike.  Pack up lunch and head out into the great outdoors.  Go on a favorite hike or find a new place to explore.  Do all of the prep work so the only thing that mom needs to do is get into the car.  {Don’t forget: food, water, good walking shoes, bug spray, appropriate clothing for the weather, sunscreen, etc.}

5.  Tackle the honey-do list:

Is there a leaky faucet that mom has been asking you to fix?  Is there something that you have all the supplies for but just haven’t taken the time to get it done?  Can you think of something that you could do for mom that would save her from having to do it?

6.  Clean-up!

It’s that simple.  Clean the house.  Clean the yard.  Whatever will make mom happy.  Maybe she likes a clean kitchen and doesn’t care about anything else.  Well, get that kitchen spotless!  Does she enjoy a back yard that is ready for summer evenings?  Get out the outdoor furniture and do a little yard work.  It really is simple.  You know your mom well, so what does she like to have tidied up so that she can sit back and relax?

7.  Give her the gift of time:

Oh, this is my absolute favorite one.  It’s so simple, but it can fill a momma like nothing else in the world.  Give her the gift of time.  For what?  How about for whatever she wants to do!  The years with babies and little ones can be especially hard for mom’s to get any free time.  I recall my first Mother’s Day and this is all I wanted.  I went all alone to the local nursery and purchased a few flowers and spent my afternoon digging in the dirt.  It was wonderful!

Maybe your mom wants to take a nap.  Give her permission.  Does she like to read?  Set up a comfy corner and give her time to just soak in the space to read.  Has she been dying to watch a movie on Netflix?  Make her some popcorn, give her the remote, and walk away.

I can’t stress this enough: this gift of time for mom comes with no strings attached and is absolutely guilt-free.  Give her the freedom from changing diapers, preparing meals, cleaning up messes, and basically just everything she does on a normal basis.  Allow her free time to pursue what makes her happy.

Well, friends!  It really is a simple list.  And no, you don’t have to do all of these this year.  Figure out which one(s) will make her feel special and do those.  Keep telling her how much you love and appreciate her and watch her spirit soar.

{I have also included some resources over on my Pinterest page to supplement some of these ideas.}



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