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A Farmhouse Spring Tablescape

Did you catch the last word in the title?  The long one that starts with a “T”?  Yeah, the one that made my husband roll his eyes to say, “What kind of word are you making up now?”  I fully informed him that I did not coin the word “tablescape” and am simply following suit with other home decor loving friends.

Okay, I need to come clean with you though.  I had not heard the term tablescape prior to a year ago.  So, I am giving him a little grace, since that is what I received a while back when my head cocked sideways at that word.  And if you’ve never heard the term “tablescape” before, let me be the one to fill you in on the details.  We’ll get technical here with a proper definition: a decorative arrangement of ornaments or other objects on a tabletop (Oxford Dictionary).  Bascially, pretty things on a table.

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I have shied away from decorating our dining room table because, well, it just isn’t practical. Someday I dream of our table being larger and able to accommodate pretty things and larger dishes.

When I did a fun makeover of our dining room a few weeks ago, I decided to shop inside {and outside} my house to put together a sweet and easy tablescape.  I shared a lot of details on the table and chairs in that post, so I am dedicating this one to the actual tablescape..along with some behind the scenes secrets.

I have seen some pretty magnificent tablescapes, but I am going to be upfront here with you.  My budget for this was $0 and my timeframe was one hour.  Yikes!

I dug through some decor that I have packed away in a closet and shopped around the house for a few simple items.  In the end, I decided that a little height was needed in the middle, and so I settled on a vintage metal milk bottle crate, mason jars, and azalea blooms.

To add a little color contrast to the wood tabletop, I used an old crocheted runner that my Mom had recently passed on to me.  And then I ran out to the backyard and clipped some branches off a bush.  A few generic white candles later and I was happy with a simple gathering of eclectic items from our home.

And do you see those white plates?  Nothing fancy.  I just used our regular dinnerware.  Oh and a few lilac blooms for a contrast of color…and a little added whimsy.

Now, for some of my secrets.  Because friends, it isn’t always pretty behind the scenes.  Please know that if you showed up to my house at this very moment, my table will most likely be covered in cups and crumbs.  To keep it real, here is what I did not show you:

♥ These pictures were taken at 2pm and I was still in my pajama’s and may or may not of even brushed my teeth yet.  Eeeek!

♥ My kitchen sink was full of dirty dishes, that I simply pushed down a bit further so that they would not show up in any pictures.

♥ It had been pouring rain that morning, so all of the flowers and branches are wet.  I tried to shake them out a bit and ended up with water all over my floor.

♥ Did you catch that?  These pictures were taken on a rainy day!  It looks like a beautiful spring day, doesn’t it?  Oh, the wonderful beauty of filters.  😉

♥ This table was so pretty to look at that we ate dinner {and maybe breakfast the next day} at our school room table instead {and we used paper plates!}.

Now, please promise that you will keep those secrets between you and I, okay?  Thank you, friend.  I knew that I could trust you.

Have you ever put together a tablescape just for fun?  If so, what did it look like?

If you haven’t, I hope that I have inspired you to shop around (inside and outside) your home to decorate your dining room table just for the fun of it.  A sweetly set table can set the scene for some memories…even if it’s take-out night!  And then there is no judgment here when the flowers start to droop and crumbs are stuck in the table runner.


PS If you are loving the newly painted chairs and table, you can check out the paint that I used here.


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