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Farmhouse Open Shelves

I’ve had a vision for a while…probably since we worked on our dining room makeover to add open shelving to the one larger wall.  Up until last week, a beautiful sign that my sweet Momma made for us has graced this wall.

And I have loved it here.  I promise that I didn’t move it out of our dining room.  I simply found a new home for it, along with some other treasures.

See, it looks pretty good there too, right?

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Now that I had my big open wall, I could begin with my idea of adding open shelving to our dining room.  As I’ve mentioned in my latest posts {here and here}, I am on a kick of using only the supplies that I have on hand.  This project was no exception {to a certain extent}.

First up was the wood for the shelving.  The hubs helped me bring down two floor boards from our attic.  I’m sure they haven’t seen the light of day…or a broom in over 100 years!

Using warm soapy water I gave them a good scrubbing.  They sat by the woodstove overnight to dry and were looking dull at this point.

I was optimistic and had a vision.  But that’s as far as it got.  I had imagined bringing the wood to the same color stain as the beams and mantel in our dining room.  Things did not go as planned.  But, that’s how home projects go.  So, I adjusted my vision and after attempting some on-hand stain and sanding, I brought out my primer and white paint.  Because, you know, white paint cures all DIY fails!

For my birthday, I told my husband that all I wanted was some brackets and for him to hang these shelves.  He easily agreed!

The color on these shelves is Benjamin Moore “Pure White” and it is my go to white in our home.

I was afraid that the character would be lost by painting them white and that did happen to a degree.  But, you can still see that these are unique pieces of wood.  I even left the square nail holes in them.  And I kept the nails, which I added to a mason jar on the shelves!

Now the fun part could begin: styling these shelves!

I had recently taken an afternoon off from mommy-life and did some antiquing on my own.  That’s when I came across these bobbins and vintage clothespins that you’ll see in these pictures.

This right here.  Swoon!  I am on a vintage book kick!  My kids know it too and look for books anytime we visit a thrift or rummage store.  I don’t buy just any book.  There is one major requirement: it has to be less than $1!  If it is in that budget, then I take a quick look to make sure it looks old {hubby says: junky} enough.  So, on my recent mommy day off, I came across some books on a clearance shelf!  Can you believe that I bought 8 of the books below for $2.80!  Yes, a total of $2.80!  I was on cloud 9…yup, it doesn’t take much to make this girl happy!  Give me all the junk!

This painting.  It is an original.  And there are no reproductions.  I am honored to display my 14 year old daughter’s painting from when she was 9 years old.  I just loved that it helped draw out little pops of red in this room.

Did you see that cloth measuring tape?  Oh, pure memories.  This belonged to my grandmother.  I love that I own it and it brings sweet thoughts of her impact upon my life.

So, what do you think?  Feeling inspired to find some reclaimed wood and add your own shelves?  I hope so!  And I’d love to see pictures!

Make today a great one, friends!






  1. Bonnie

    Looks amazing!

    1. Leigh

      Thank you, Bonnie! 🙂

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