Farmhouse Kitchen Open Cabinet

A few months ago, we did a makeover in our kitchen that included painting all of the existing cabinets white. It was quite an undertaking, but so worth it. You can view all of the details here.

I love the white.  I really do.  It is much better than what we started with:

There was a whole lot of wood in this kitchen.  {There is still plenty of wood competing for attention, between the countertops and the floor, but that’s for a future project!}

Again, I do love the brightness of the white.  But, it’s a lot of white!

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I thought that it would be fun to break up the white and add some farmhouse appeal to the kitchen. Open shelving screams farmhouse, so that’s exactly what I did!  This was a very simple project and can easily add a farmhouse touch to any home.

First up, was to remove the cabinet doors and to fill in the holes left behind by the hinges.  In case we ever decide to put the doors back on, I wanted to save my husband a little bit of work.  I totally used a college hack and filled the holes with bar soap shavings!  It is so simple to do: simply rub the soap over the hole and it will slowly fill in that hole!  After this, a few coats of paint and it was covered up.  I used the same paint that was applied to all of the cabinets (Benjamin Moore’s Advance in their chantilly lace shade).


To help fill in the upper space of the cabinet, my husband hung a salvaged board with two brackets that I picked up at Home Depot.

My goal was a super budget-friendly project, so I only used items that I already owned to fill up the shelves.  You may have some similar containers in your home.  And if not, these are all quite inexpensive containers that could be easily found at Target, Wal-Mart, HomeGoods, TJMaxx, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Five Below, etc.  (I’ll list some specific links at the bottom of this post!)

I left the wood shelf in it’s original condition…distressed with old nail holes!  The only work I did on it was to clean it up.

And someday we’ll have new appliances {and if I’m lucky, my oven and range hood will match!  Oh, a girl can dream, right?!}.  For now, we are blessed with appliances that work and that is my focus!

I hope this first Monday of 2017 finds you enjoying the beauty of a new year ahead of us!

{If you are interested in products that are similar to what I used:}

32oz. Glass Cracker Jar

Wire Basket

Mason Jars

Shelf Bracket



  1. Nancy Vossler

    One question: Where is the big vent hose coming from your range hood? Above ours we have this ugly thing in the middle of the cabinet, so I was just wondering. . .
    It looks great, by the way!

    1. leighsn

      Great question, Aunt Nancy! The range hood vents directly outside from where it is in the kitchen. It currently makes for a weird eyesore outside, but we hope to correct that at some point. Thanks for the question and your kind words! xo

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