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Farmhouse Exterior Update {and a Sneak Peek}

Well, the time has come to pack up our {exterior} paint for the next six months.  The cold weather has set in and looks like it is here to stay.  And that means: no more farmhouse exterior painting.  We completed most of the project this summer, but my goal was to tackle one more side of our farmhouse this year.  That goal was realized and I want to share that with you…along with a sneak peek of what 2018 holds for us!

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Let’s take a real quick flashback to the front of our home with a before:

farmhouse front exterior before

And the after:

farmhouse front exterior after

The right side of our farmhouse had yet to be painted by early fall and it looked like we would have enough paint to complete this side.  I honestly thought that maybe we could put one coat of paint on the clapboard.  But friends, I felt like our paint was like the Bible story with Elijah and the widow’s oil and flour.  Those never ran out and it seemed like our paint went so much further than we could of imagined.  And we are thankful for that blessing!

farmhouse side exterior before

The hubby and I are a good team: I do the low stuff and he does the high stuff.  Actually, I get the better end of the deal.

farmhouse exterior side during

Guess what?  We had just enough paint for two coats on the clapboard and then three coats for the trim.  It is the perfect amount needed.  And that poor brush, it was officially retired after this project.  It was a few dollars well spent.  (The paint color is Behr Charcoal and was purchased at The Home Depot.)

And now, I promised a sneak peek.  Have you noticed that I’ve never given reference to the back of the house?  Sure, I showed you the yard, but I’ve kept the back of the house under secrecy.  Why?  Because it’s a hot mess.  And this is the proof:

farmhouse back exterior before

This next section is an addition that is attached to the right side of the picture above.  It’s difficult to capture it all in one photo without having to stand a mile back for the shot.

farmhouse back exterior before

There you have it.  My secret and sneak peek.  Please know that behind pretty pictures, there could be a mess.  And there is always real life.  As in,  we are raising a family along with working on our home and that means projects take longer than expected.  That is the sacrifice and we are more than willing to make it…because the kiddos matter more than a pretty home.



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