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Our Farmhouse Porch End of the Summer Makeover

First, I have got to give you all a huge, “Thank You!” for the encouragement and love that we received after my last post revealing our farmhouse all painted.  I wish that I could give you all a big hug!  It feels like all the hours of work this summer has just paid off with all of your kind comments.  ♥

I have a little more to show you though.  Remember when I was working on the garage and I mentioned that it is often the details that really take the project to another level?  If you don’t recall, that’s ok.  I did say it though.  And I am sticking to it because the proof is in the result.  This time, the impact comes from our front porch.

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You may have noticed from pictures that our front porch is, well…not very large.  Mr. Little by Little Farmhouse dreams of a long front porch, but until then…I’m working with what I’ve got!  And really, you don’t need a big porch to make a statement.  Goodness, even a front stoop can be pretty.

Let’s start with a very before picture:

Yeap, it’s a really before picture…like last summer before.

After all of the painting of the clapboard and the trim, it looked a bit bland.  I had some work to do as far as the door, lighting, and the beadboard ceiling.

First up, was bringing the ceiling back to life with some General Finishes Gel Stain.  This gel stain works wonderfully.  The woodwork was so rough and dry that I did not need to do any sanding.  I simply wiped one coat on and now it looks so fresh.

I will be honest.  It went on a bit darker than I had anticipated.  I had used this same exact gel stain for the beams and mantels inside, so I was assuming that it would give the same wood tone.  I decided to leave it as is, because in the grand scheme of things…it doesn’t really matter if it’s dark.  Right?

Painting the trim white, has really helped this original date carving to stand out now!

And now for the good part.  A little fun with decor.  Summer is winding down and fall will be here soon enough, but I figure that it still is summer, so I went with it!

Do you see that pretty and whimsical pillow on the rocking chair?  I know it caught your eye!  The sweet Pamela at House of Ahn sent this pillow cover to me.  It is absolutely perfect for setting the tone of our summer porch.  Pamela has a fun little online shop and I would love it if you gave her a hello from me!  {And if you are a struggling seamstress like me…pillow covers are the way to go!}

Are you seeing a flower theme?  I love the little pop of fresh color that the geraniums add.

And that rocking chair?  I honestly cannot recall when it came into my life.  Most likely it was free…or close to free.  I had spray painted it white two years ago and this summer, I gave it a coat of light gray.

And this right here.  This is my goal: for our family to say, “Home Sweet Home” when they think of our house.

Thanks for stopping over.  And if you are ever in my neck of the woods, I’d love to have you sit a while in my rocking chair.



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