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Farmhouse Kitchen Cupboard Organization

I’ve got a secret.  And it’s been hidden…behind my kitchen cupboards!  Friends, I may look organized on the outside, but behind closed cabinet doors, I’m a bit of a hot mess.  Until: last week!  I was absolutely fed up with the state of my kitchen cupboard organization {and lack thereof}.  Now, a disclaimer.  I had been pinning away some glorious inspo pics on Pinterest.  But, the reality is that I cannot renovate my kitchen in order to achieve those beautiful ideals.  So, what can  this girl to do?  Well, she’s going to use what she has.

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This is normally where I show you before pictures.  And I am not lying when I say that I don’t have any.  If I did, I would show you, but this project wasn’t going to be on the blog.  But then I gave a glimpse of what I was doing on Instagram and heard so much positive feedback that I decided to show you the end result.  So please forgive me for not having any before pictures.

I also don’t have a huge list of rules and how to’s for you to organize your kitchen cupboards and pantry.  Honestly, these were the only criteria for my kitchen cupboard makeover:

  • Make good use of the space I have.
  • Use what I had on hand {and only purchase minimal if absolutely necessary}.
  • Try and make it pretty.

First, I gathered all of my glass jars together to see what sizes I had.  Some of these jars were Mason/Ball jars and others had been used to hold peanut butter, etc in them.  I buy most of my spices in bulk, so I was excited to get them all out of plastic containers and bags.  After figuring out which size jars everything needed, I started pouring the spices in.  {Be sure to label each jar as you go.  I temporarily used a dry erase marker on the lid.}

At this point, I decided what I used the most of and what is only occasionally used and stored them appropriately.  I used the open cabinet above my oven to store baking products, nuts, and dried fruits.  My lazy-susan corner cabinet holds all of my spices.

Once that was decided, I had my daughter write out each of the labels and that was it!  All done!  And I just want to stare at my cabinets now…

Kitchen Cupboard Organization

This is above my oven and is a formerly closed cabinet, that I opened up to add some character to our kitchen.

Kitchen Cupboard Organization

Notice that my jars are various heights and sizes.  At first I was a little sad that they weren’t all perfectly the same.  But then I realized that this is much more realistic and unique.  We are going to call it “adding dimension and interest!”

Kitchen Cupboard Organization

And this is a corner {top} cabinet.  I cannot believe all of the open space up top…phew, says this short momma.

Kitchen Cupboard Organization

Kitchen Cupboard Organization

Kitchen Cupboard Organization

Are you tired of a cluttered cabinet or pantry?  Look around and see what you have on hand to get you organized.  And if you don’t hoard glass jars like I do, I have listed below some products that would look amazing in your kitchen.  {Just click on an image for more details.}

And if you love these jar labels as much as I do, go check out Salt and Light Girl on Instagram and maybe get yourself a set.




  1. Geka

    You are blessed to have such a talented daughter. Kiddos to her!

  2. Isn’t it an amazing feeling when it finally all comes together!

    1. Leigh

      Yes!!! Thanks for the encouragement, Ellen! ♥

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