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Farmhouse Christmas Home Tour {Part One}

It’s the Christmas season and my family is thoroughly enjoying our Advent and Christmas traditions.  Our halls have been decked, there is snow on the ground, gifts are being purchased, and lots of hot cocoa is being made.  Oh, and there are always twinkly Christmas lights and music playing in the background.  Are you curious as to how our home looks all decorated for Christmas?  Wonder no longer…I’ve got our farmhouse Christmas home tour right here for you!  {I decided to split it into two parts…a little bit of suspense, but mostly there were just too many pictures.  Today is all about our dining room and kitchen}

This is the massive fireplace in our dining room.  It runs floor to ceiling and is 8 feet wide!  Between the size and all the nooks and crannies, it can be challenging to decorate.

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Farmhouse Christmas Stone Fireplace

Our stockings set the color tone for the decor in our dining room and kitchen.  And they come with a story.  Mine was made by my mother when I was little.  She made matching stockings for my 3 brothers and I.  From my earliest memories, this is the stocking that Santa Claus has always filled for me.  When my husband and I were married, my Mom made a matching stocking for him.  And as you can see, when my two eldest children were born, she made them one too.  But wait!  The one in the middle is different!  My sweet Mom, well, she was overwhelmed with grandchildren at the time and felt bad that she wasn’t making any new stockings…so she bought him one instead.  And my little guy, he isn’t phased at all.  Actually he likes his “bigger” stocking, so that, and I quote, “Santa can fit more in MY stocking.”

So…if my stocking is from the late 70’s, does that count as vintage?  Ha!  I don’t think that I will ever be able to trade out these stockings for anything else, but if I did, these cute sweater-knit stockings might do the trick.

Christmas Enamelware

I felt like the stone needed some pops of white and these enamelware pieces did just that.  I came across my enamelware at vintage shops/barns, but if you don’t shop at those types of stores, but like the look, I found a sweet white pitcher here for you.

And you know that I have to include vintage books…and mini bottle brush flocked trees!

Vintage Christmas Decor

This fall, I painted the inside of our fireplace black {with a high-heat spray paint} and I love that decor I put in here now pops a bit more.  And soon…I’ll have some birch logs in here.  I just need to get them from my Dad.  Woohoo!  White birch logs really pop in a fireplace and I’ve always loved that look.  Did you know that you can order some online?  I found this set that would look beautiful on display.

Farmhouse Fireplace

Across the room is our recently painted piano.  I wanted to include woods, whites, and greens in the Christmas decor on these shelves.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor

This little vintage mirror was a last minute addition and I love that it reflects the twinkling Christmas lights next to this simple white ceramic pitcher.

Red and Green Christmas Decor

And look at this fun popcorn and cranberry garland that we made one evening as a family.  I was the official popcorn maker: unsalted/unbuttered for the garland and plenty of butter/salt for the snacking popcorn.

Popcorn and Cranberry Garland

This sweet antique frame was passed on to me from my Mom.  I actually remember it being displayed in our home growing up.  I added a vintage winter scene by attaching it with a little jute.

Vintage Winter Scene

Just over from these shelves is my rusty metal cabinet and the prettiest lettering of Acts 2:46.

Farmhouse Christmas

Farmhouse Christmas

From the dining room, you can get a view of our front entry and a glimpse of the living room.  We aren’t going to venture down there today…come back for part two to see that room.

Farmhouse at Christmas

Let’s turn around real quick and wrap up the tour in the kitchen.  You know, that place where I spend most of my time.

Christmas Kitchen

I love these little Christmas lights above the sink.  Every morning, one of the first things that I do is to turn them on.  I love to work by the glow of Christmas lights.

Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen

I just added little hints of greenery and reds to our kitchen.  You can find something similar to what is on my cabinets here and the window greenery here.

Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen

And pomegranates.  Because, well, I am a little obsessed with them.  I can promise you that these will not be around much longer.  And then I will replace them with more.  Pomegranate season is one of my favorite!

Farmhouse Vintage Christmas

Thanks for stopping over, friend!  Come back on Thursday to see part two {spoiler alert: it will be all about the living room and family room}.  See you then!

Merry Christmas,


A Vintage Farmhouse Christmas Tour



  1. Bonnie

    Beautiful! Very inviting. Can’t wait to see the rest.

    1. Leigh

      Thank you, Bonnie! I am sure your house looks lovely decorated for Christmas! ♥

  2. Jenifer Scherlin

    This looks so pretty!! I really love your homemade garland! I never would have thought to use the cranberries with the popcorn. Very cool. Also, thanks for showing your vintage sugar mold with the bottle brush trees! I am going to have to copy that!

    1. Leigh

      Thank you for your encouraging words, Jenifer! Have fun making the cranberry/popcorn garland! ♥

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