Farmhouse Back Door Painted Tile

We all have those little areas in our home that we don’t like.  Or maybe even loathe.  Perhaps it’s something that you simply cover up and ignore.  Well, I have a few of those in my home.  Only, I finally did something about one of them.  I can’t let the cat completely out of the bag and show you all my “secrets” but I’ll let you in on this one.  And only because I fixed it!

I recently shared our updated back door area, but I left out one little detail: the floor!  Yup, that’s good old photo-cropping for you.  Sorry for those who may feel slighted.  I will totally make it up to you.  Right now.

Here is the blue and orange tile floor that makes me wonder, “What were they thinking?”  Okay, I know.  Everyone has their style and some may grimace at mine.  But, really…what style category does this fall into?  Maybe I’m a little miffed because it doesn’t go well in an old farmhouse…

I’ve been on a kick lately.  And my husband loves it.  It’s the “use only what you have” kick.  There is a little post-Christmas budget recovery going on at my house, so I’m raiding my paint supplies and working on projects based upon what is currently in my home.  With fingers crossed, I jumped in to this easy fix.

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First up was a thorough cleaning and a coat of primer:

I got a bit nervous at this point because primer means that I am committed to changing this brick.  How it would end was anyone’s guess, but I was optimistic.

I had some options as to how to dress up or not dress up this area.  I could of used two different paint colors and followed the grout lines and outlined the bricks.  I opted not to do this as my personal preference is simple, solid, and a bit anti-geometric.

Instead, I went with a safe bet: chalk paint!

Two coats of chalk paint and one coat of a clear poly and I called the job done!

I am pretty happy with the result.  The dark color mutes the area and keeps the focus on the bright walls  and the hardwood floors.

So, what little area is bothering you in your home?  What could you do about it?  What supplies do you already have on hand?  Go for it!



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