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Family Room Makeover…Part One

Oh, friends!  I am feeling so blessed right now.  We were able to find a little wiggle room after our tax return came in and we took one big step forward in our family room makeover.  This was the room that I first mentioned in my post, “When Budget-Friendly Isn’t in YOUR Budget.”  That post was quite heavy on my heart and I felt strongly about getting it out there.  And I honestly see this blessing of moving forward in the family room as connected to me being open and forthcoming.  We are a real family on a real budget, working hard to live simply and to follow God’s will.  My heart really wants to bless others with the home that God has given us at this time in our lives.  And I am so happy to be able to move forward with that as we now have a “real” room to entertain company in.

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Before I show you our updates, let’s do a little recap of our family room.  Now, this room is obviously not built in 1836 like the original part of our farmhouse.  I believe that it was an added in the mid-90’s.  And for reasons that we are unsure of, the owners at that time installed tile as their floor choice.  It made this room unbearably cold in the winter…and the spring…and the fall.  There are wood floors throughout the rest of the house and I know that “everyone” is changing their flooring to wood.  But, we wanted family-friendly, warm, and comfy.  So we went with carpet!  After a few trips to Home Depot to figure out what was in our budget (spoiler alert: not much!), we settled on a carpet choice.  Our goal was to pay cash and to get it ordered during the free carpet installation promotion.  Check.  And check.

And then…I realized that it would be so much easier to paint before the carpet was installed.  Ummm, yeah.  Maybe I should of planned this out better, but my personality works best with a deadline.  A short deadline.  Of maybe a week and a half.  Did I mention that all three kids were sick that week?  And I wasn’t feeling 100% either.  But the makeover must go on.  And as soon as the walls were done being painted, we got the call about the carpet installers coming the very next day.

The ceiling in this room is vaulted and I am going to guess it is 12 feet high in the center.  How in the world was I going to paint all the way up there?  We got a little creative…

Yes, that is a 6 foot ladder on top of our dining room table.

It looks a bit crazy, but trust me, it was very sturdy and safe.  And a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

And I am going to give you one guess as to what color I painted this room…

Good guess!  White!  🙂  Sherwin-Williams Pure White to be exact.  I know, there is so much white in our home.  I am a bit shocked too.  One day I will post some pictures of our previous houses and you will see why I am shocked at myself too.  This time though, I felt it was really necessary because I am never painting this room again.  Never.  Ever.

And just like that {actually a week later} and the walls and most of the trim were painted!  And the carpet was installed.  The kids loved the open room and thoroughly enjoyed rolling and running around on the new carpet.

It took another two weeks to get caught up on the finishing touches of painting the trim and the windows, but it feels so good to have a fresh coat of paint on everything.  And the room looks so much brighter!

It is hard to tell in these pictures, but the carpet is not white.  Ha!  It has flecks of light and dark gray, as well as flecks of tan.  It is a bit lighter than I had thought that it would be, but again, we didn’t have many options in our budget.  We love it though.  And no red wine or grape juice is allowed in here…for now!  😉

If you want to see the exact carpet that we decided on, head on over here.

Because before and after pictures are one of my most favorite things…

You will notice that the furniture is still all the same.  Yes, we really do need a sectional or bigger couch.  It’s on “the list” for the {hopefully very near} future.  But for now, our car needed all new brakes…and the couch dream waits.

And those gray curtains.  Would you believe me if I said that they are just twin flat sheets that I purchased at Target?  You should believe me, because that is what they are!  The one set of curtains in the above {and below} picture are also from Target.  And guess what?  They are actually curtains!  🙂

And this table above is an addition.  Much to my 9 year old’s dismay, I took out his art center.  Paint, glitter, and glue in here were giving me anxiety.  Call me a bad mom, but I know my limits.  I have it all in our school room and have some plans to incorporate all the art supplies into our homeschool room.  {Keep an eye out for that future makeover!}

My idea is to switch out this table for an oval table that has leaves.  That way, we can keep it small to store some finger foods on for small gatherings.  But we could expand the table to fit a bunch of people for larger gatherings.  And it is the perfect space for my kiddos to play board games, put together puzzles, read, draw, and apparently it stores Hot Wheels cars quite well too.

Well, there you have it.  Part one…of probably at least three parts.  We are really enjoying this added space and I just know that it will be used often in the future for gatherings of all sizes, as well as a guest room for overnight visitors.

Let me know what you think!  And what are some of your ideas for how we can make this room even more versatile?




  1. It looks great!!! You will get so much more use out of the room now. And I’m with you on no art table!!! The carpet would be ruined in minutes!!! My kid’s playroom has a green marker spot on it now. You know a month after it was installed…

    1. Leigh

      Ahhh…green marker on new carpet! Thanks for confirming that I’m not “mean”! Ha! Happy to have you popping on over, Tracy! 🙂

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  3. Marianne MacLusky

    The room looks very warm and inviting. Have you thought of putting the area rug back, now over the carpet, for a touch of color?

    1. Leigh

      I LOVE that idea! I wouldn’t use the red rug as I have gone in a yellow and blue direction, but a new rug with those colors would be a nice touch. Along with a full-size couch… 😉
      Thank you! ♥

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