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Fall Farmhouse Front Porch

Hello, my sweet friends.  I am so excited about this post because I get to introduce you to five other beautiful homes!  These women are incredible and I am thrilled to join them as we begin “Welcoming Autumn” with a blog hop.

Fall is one of my most favorite times of the year.  It feels like the catalyst to ground myself and focus on simplicity and being intentional.  I love the cool crisp air that is warmed by the bright sunshine.  And the fall colors are just stunning and leave me in awe.

Especially fun this year was decorating our front porch.  We spent our summer painting the exterior of our farmhouse, so now I love to show it off a bit.  And pulling in pops of autumn colors was so much fun.

Our front porch is {obviously} not original to our 1836 farmhouse…and it isn’t big.  But, one of my motto’s is to use what you have and that is what we are doing.  Because really, a porch doesn’t have to be big to be pretty.  {And shhh…it’s easier to decorate a smaller space!}

For me, a less is more approach works.  A few furniture pieces and some seasonal decor and that’s it!  Simplicity draws me in lately.

I started with spray painting the rocking chair and that crate black.  Darker colors pull me in during the cooler months.  And I wanted the yellow to really pop.

This is where you may find me in the morning with a warm cup in my hand.

And in true decor nerd fashion, I was at my local pumpkin patch on opening day for first dibs on the pumpkins.  My heart was set on purchasing white pumpkins for the first time.  In previous years, orange pumpkins have set my color scheme, but not this year.  {I must say in the spirit of transparency though, that orange carving pumpkins will most likely be making their way to my front porch in a few weeks.  Don’t forget: I have 3 kids living here!}

These yellow mums made me super happy, so I just knew that they needed to be the color pop that I was looking for.

I picked up these vintage apple barrels last year for dirt cheap…and they were dirty too!  I am so glad that they came home with me as I have found a use for them in every season this year.  Note to self: never pass up cheap vintage apple barrels.

Did you see that unassuming wreath on the door?  Since the mums were going to steal the show, I went simple with the wreath.  Just a grapevine wreath…that my daughter and I made!  Yes, you read that right.  We went out and pulled down grapevines and twisted them into this wreath.  I am seriously smitten.  {And am kicking myself for tossing out all the other grapevines that I have found on our property.}

Oh, friend, thank you for joining me in welcoming fall to our farmhouse!  It was a pleasure having you.  Come back again…promise?!

Be sure to check out these other super talented and very sweet blogging friends of mine.  I just know that you will find some inspiration for your fall decor from them!  Grab a cup of coffee and click on the links below…enjoy!


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  1. Leigh, I absolutely love your front porch and how you’ve styled it, sweet friend! The touches of black with the pops of yellow and those pumpkins…well, it gives me all the heart eyes!! 😀 Happy Fall, dear!! <3

    1. Leigh

      Sarah, you are so sweet! Shhh…don’t tell anyone, but I was worried that the black and yellow would look too much like a bumble bee! 😉 Thank you for your encouragement! ♥

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  4. First, I am so happy I was able to join the fall fun with so many talented ladies.

    Second, that black rocking chair is just gorgeous.

    Third, I have to confess I am so jealous of your dreamy white pumpkins.

    Your porch is beautiful and welcoming.

    1. Leigh

      You are so cute! First: the rocking chair was a free find and is currently in it’s fourth color! 😉 And I don’t have a second right now. Thank you, friend! ♥

  5. Oh Leigh your porch is just beautiful!!! I love the pops of black and of course the white pumpkins! I also added yellow mums! Just lovely!

  6. Oh Leigh your porch is just beautiful!!! I love the pops of black and of course the white pumpkins! I also added yellow mums! Just lovely!

  7. Donna

    Love your front porch Leigh!
    Happy Fall!🍁🍂🌻

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  9. Kim

    Leigh, your porch is so cozy and welcoming!! I love love love the white pumpkins, with the pop of yellow mums!

    1. Leigh

      Thank you so much for popping over here! You are so sweet. Thanks for the encouragement! ♥

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