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Exterior Painting Update

Hello, friends!  Thank you so much for your patience as we work on this exterior painting project.  It’s a big job…probably the biggest we have tackled at our farmhouse.  The weather has been fairly cooperative in giving us clear days to work.  I could do with a little less humidity though.

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I wanted to give you a quick update on our progress so far.  If you recall we chose the color charcoal from Behr.  It is a bit of a chameleon shade as it looks very gray when it dries on most any surface…except the house.  Maybe it’s just me, but I see more blue in this color when it’s painted on our home.  And that’s ok.  Because guess what?  This is the color that is and will now remain.  Ha!

In addition to the house, we are painting the garage.  It sits to the front and right of our home and can be the first view of our house for some people.  And let me tell you that it has been an eyesore {read: embarassment} for two years now.  Honestly, the exterior needs to be replaced {after we take care of the drainage issues from rain traveling down the mountain behind us and into the valley we live in}.  In true Little by Little Farmhouse, we are using what we have though until the budget allows those updates.

Let’s do a little before of the garage to give you a starting point to our progress:

Apparently I forgot to take a true before picture of this side, but it was pretty crummy before we scraped the paint.  And even more terrible after the scraping.  It always looks worse before it gets better, right?

Two “employees” hard at work cutting-in.  The exciting part about the garage is that once this cutting-in was done, I could use a roller!  It was amazing to roll all three sides of the garage in an hour…so much faster than brushwork.

This side is all cut in and ready now to roll!  Oh, that ladder and I have become quite close…

And drumroll: here it is with two coats on the siding!

A little close-up of the color and how pretty the flowers looks next to a freshly painted garage.

And here is the front:

And do you see that weathervane up top?  I had a little fun working on that too.  Tying in the little details can really make an impact on the overall makeover.

The previous owners had a thing for geese.  I don’t.  But it isn’t worth changing it out now, when a can of spray paint can give it new life.

You might of already noticed, but the trim on the garage is still the original sage green. Don’t worry, that will change.  It has taken us a while to decide upon a trim color for the house.  The original plan was to paint it all white.  Our thought was that white would add a clean and crisp look to the farmhouse.  We have tried various samples of dark, light, and even middle hues.  In the end, we have decided to stick with our gut on this one and paint the trim white.  The determining factor was the white windows and frames, as well as the white storm doors.  In the future, if we were to {hypothetically speaking} change those out for darker windows and doors, then the trim would be repainted a darker color.  Mr. Little by Little Farmhouse does not see that in our future though…

{You can check out my Pinterest page for some beautiful inspiration…along with my dream dark trim and windows.}

Here is a little sneak peek with {one coat of} the white trim against the dark clapboard:

Fingers crossed that I have some spectacular before and after photos to show you by the end of the summer! Stay tuned until then.  Oh and if you want to follow along on our progress a bit more closely, check us out on Facebook and Instagram!



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