DIY Embroidery Hoop Fabric Art

Hi, friends!  I’ve missed you!  This blog post has been written at least 7 times {in my head}.  I have been very excited to share this simple DIY with you but, we started our homeschool year last week.  And…well, this momma needed time to make some adjustments in our routine.  Oh, and there is still that exterior painting project going on.  Fingers crossed that I can share all the after pictures with you next week.  Now I am back and have so many fun projects to share with you.

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Let’s start with this one.  Do you remember my post featuring the new reading space for me?  Yes, a little nook just for this momma.  {And anyone else who wants to sit and relax here.}

I added some fun and whimsy to this corner in our family room by making my own embroidery hoop fabric art.  Once I had all of the supplies gathered, it took less than an hour to put it all together. This is such a short amount of time to make a big statement in a room.

Let’s start with the supplies that you will need:

  • Fabric: remnants or newly purchased {just make sure that you have various sizes to accommodate the hoops.}
  • Embroidery hoops: various sizes are best for this project
  • Fabric scissors
  • Iron
  • Push pins

Follow these easy steps:

1. “Assign” fabric to each of the hoops.  The best way to decide is to put larger patterned fabric with the bigger hoops.  Smaller patterns are best in the smaller hoops.  I laid the hoops and fabric on the floor in the arrangement that I planned to use on the wall.

2. Place each piece of fabric in their hoop and cut around the hoop, leaving a few inches of fabric.

3. Remove the cut fabric from the hoop and give it a good ironing to press out the wrinkles.  {Don’t make fun of my 20 year old iron…it really is from my college days.  Can you tell that I rarely iron and never upgraded?!}

4. Place the fabric back into the hoop.  Be sure to arrange the fabric how you want it displayed on the wall.  In other words: make sure that your pattern is not upside down.  Also secure the fabric in the hoop tightly and fully twist it closed.

5. Cut off the extra fabric at the back of the hoop.

{My original idea was to use hot glue to seal the fabric to the hoop, but I decided against it.  If you do not plan to re-use your hoop or change out the fabric, go ahead and hot glue it if you prefer that option.}

6. Hang each hoop one by one, starting at the top of your arrangement.  Gently press push pins into the wall and easily hang the top of the hoop on them.

And that’s it!  You’re done!

I would love to hear from you, friend!  And I absolutely would love to see pictures of an embroidery hoop fabric art wall that you create!




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