Easy DIY Kids Art Display

Raise your hand if your children(s) create more art projects than you have wall space for?  Umm…I see you with your hand up!  I’m right there with ya!  We’ve had all kinds of ways to display masterpieces.  Now that my kiddos are a bit older, they like to hang their artwork in their own bedrooms more than on my kitchen walls.   That includes my youngest who would be happy to tape pictures all over his walls and ceilings.  But this momma, just can’t deal with that.  Instead, I used a few items to give him a way to display his artwork on a wall that would otherwise be empty.

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Only a few simple items are needed:

    1. 6 inch piece of scrap wood (any length that you prefer…mine is 3 1/2 feet long)
    2. clipboard clips  (I’ve listed a few possibilities below.  Mine were originally gold and I spray-painted them white.)
    3. screws to attach clip to wood
    4. picture hanging fastener


The first thing that I did was to paint the wood to match the shelves and dresser in his bedroom.

While that dried, I spray painted the clips, as mentioned above.  Although, I really like the ones in the above ad better! 😉

When everything was dry, it was the hubby’s turn.  He drilled a hole in the wood and attached each clip with a screw behind the clip part so that it wouldn’t be seen.

After attaching a fastener to the back and adding a nail to the wall, it was up and ready to be used!

The entire project took an hour…and most of the time was waiting for the paint to dry!

And now he can change his artwork whenever he wants…or display some favorite comic books!  I’ve even seen him hang letters from his friends!

How do you handle all the masterpiece’s in your home?




  1. Bonnie

    Great idea

    1. Leigh

      Thanks, Bonnie! 🙂

  2. Love this! what a cute and cheap idea to display artwork. Thanks for sharing for #iDIYedthat.

    1. Leigh

      Absolutely! I love sharing for #idiyedthat! 🙂

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