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Easy {DIY} Budget-Friendly Photo Frames

I am still coming off the excitement from our mud room makeover and I had quite a few questions {and compliments} about my photo frame display.  So, I thought this was the perfect time to share this easy budget-friendly DIY project.  It only took me an hour of work and it brought the character to our mud room that it desperately needed.

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Guess how much it cost me?  $0!  Woohoo!  It could be a free project for you too if you use what you already have in your house as well.  But…even if you don’t have these supplies on hand, you can totally pull this DIY off super cheap.

Supplies Needed:

  • Picture frames (size is up to you)
  • Photos (or use the hack below)
  • Paint and brush

Steps to Create a Personal Photo Gallery Wall Display:

1. Take apart all of the picture frames.  Use whatever sizes you would like and vary the dimensions.  It doesn’t matter what color the frames are currently in.  I actually don’t look at color when I pick up cheap frames at thrift stores.  Concentrate on the lines, texture, etc. of the frame and choose ones that you like.  Mix it up a bit to add more dimension and interest. 

2. Clean the frames and lay them all out to be painted.  I put mine on a table and laid a plastic drop cloth under the frames.

3. Paint your frames.  I used leftover Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint that I had on hand.  I decided upon black frames as it is a good contrast with black and white photos.  It only took two quick coats of paint to cover up the wood stain.

4. While the frames dried, I cleaned the glass really well.

5. Have photos printed or print them yourself.  We chose the latter.  And can I let you in on a secret?  I had my husband print our photos onto card stock!  Why?  A few reasons: I was on a budget money and time-wise, the store is too far away to easily pick them up, and I really didn’t care.  If that last one sounds lazy, well, it isn’t.  Perfection is overrated and I can’t keep up with perfect.  Can you?  Me neither.  Sometimes done is better than perfect.  And as far as these photos being printed on card stock instead of photo paper…would you of noticed if I didn’t say anything?

6. Put your frames together with your photos and display them in whatever way suits your style!

A few things you may have noticed about these photos: yes, there are babies and little kids in them.  Did you guess that these are my three when they were much smaller?  I have been so preoccupied with the “big picture” of our farmhouse, that I have neglected adding “us” to our home.  That is changing now with this project.  I dug through my photo albums and pulled out some of my favorite pictures of my children.  I also rummaged through some memory boxes and chose one drawing done by each of them in their preschool years.  Yes, I can be sappy and get teary-eyed easily, so this process was a sentimental journey for me.  Sometimes a walk down memory lane helps me to appreciate and cherish today.

That’s it, friends.  A simple and budget-friendly way to bring character, interest, and family into your home.  Look around at what you have and could use for this project.  And if you don’t have the supplies, hit up some thrift stores.



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