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DIY Temporary Wallpaper

I’ve noticed a trend lately and I think you probably have as well.  It’s popping up in specialty stores, big box stores, home decor magazines, blogs, and basically everywhere.  And it’s something that we all might have a strong opinion about.  Have you guessed?  Wallpaper!  So, what was your initial reaction to that word?  I haven’t fully jumped on the wallpaper bandwagon and that may have to do with the walls that I had to remove dated patterns from in our farmhouse.  What’s a girl to do when she wants to add a statement wall and texture, but can’t commit to permanent wallpaper?  She makes her own!  Introducing the DIY temporary wallpaper!

What in the world possessed me to glue paper to my wall?  Let’s back the train up a little bit as to where my inspiration came from and then we’ll discuss this DIY temporary wallpaper.  A few years ago, Joanna Gaines {as in JoJo from “Fixer Upper”} used a newsprint wallpaper in one of her home makeovers.  I loved it immediately and tucked the image away in the back of my mind.

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After our main floor bathroom’s mini-makeover, I’ve been eyeing up this big empty wall and thinking how wallpaper might be the solution.  I have not been able to find a temporary wallpaper solution that made my heart go pitter-patter {like that newsprint pattern years ago}.  And I am not ready to hang permanent wallpaper…only to take it down in a year or two.  So I came up with my own temporary wallpaper, using only a few simple supplies.  Let’s take a quick peek at the before and then I’ll share my simple steps to creating temporary {dictionary} wallpaper.

Black and White Bathroom Before

Black and White Bathroom Before

Supplies Needed:

1. White contact paper

2. Mod Podge Spray

3. Book pages (I used a dictionary)

4. Paper trimmer

{If you need any of these supplies, you can click on the colored link above to find it easily on Amazon!}

Temporary Wallpaper Supplies

Steps to DIY Temporary Wallpaper:

1. Hang the contact paper up over the entire wall that you want to cover.  I had two large sections that went on fairly quickly.  The other area above the door and shower had to be cut to size and then and hung.

How to DIY Temporary Wallpaper

DIY Temporary Wallpaper

2. Remove the pages from your dictionary.  I used a variety of pages from all the letters of the alphabet.  Since I did not want too many pictures, I was careful not to incorporate many of those.  In an effort to stay away from “inappropriate” words for a family and guest bathroom, I did a quick scan of the pages.  There were a couple of close calls and I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that a child doesn’t come out sometime and ask, “Hey, Mom, what does *&#@! mean?”

DIY Temporary Wallpaper

3. Using the Mod Podge, spray a section, the size of one page at a time.  Quickly hang up that page and press it gently.

DIY Temporary Wallpaper

**Disclaimer: Be sure to have a plenty of ventilation!  This glue spray has a very potent odor, so you will want enough air flow in the room that you are working in.  We have a door that leads to our back patio and pool, so I was able to open that up and allow for fresh air.  Honestly, I should of waited for better weather.  But, it’s done with now and I still have some brain cells left…I think.**

DIY Temporary Wallpaper

DIY Temporary Wallpaper

The glue will dry fairly quickly and the smell may linger for a few hours.  And then the fun of decorating and admiring your DIY temporary wallpaper begins.

DIY Temporary Dictionary Wallpaper

DIY Temporary Dictionary Wallpaper

I typically shy away from toilet shots, but I just can’t avoid them in this post.  Sorry!

DIY Temporary Dictionary Wallpaper

DIY Temporary Dictionary Wallpaper

DIY Temporary Dictionary Wallpaper

Overall, this project took me a few hours and has been completely worth it.  I love the character that it has added to an otherwise boring bathroom.  And bonus: my kids may learn a few new {clean} words!

So, what do you think?  Would you try this DIY temporary wallpaper in your home?  If so, where?




  1. chris tucker

    that is genius

    1. Mr. Little By Little Farmhouse

      Agreed. She never ceases to amaze.

    2. Leigh

      Thank you! 🙂

  2. Jenifer

    Hey Leigh,
    It really looks cool! Did you put any kind of a top layer on it? I would worry about the moisture from the shower
    making the pages start to curl. Also, where did you find those circular shelves? I love them!!!!

    1. Leigh

      I didn’t put a top layer on it, Jenifer. The Mod Podge spray is like the liquid and penetrates the page, so I didn’t think a top layer would be necessary. Fingers crossed! 😉
      The “shelves” are actually cheese boxes that I painted.

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