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Quick and Simple DIY Herb Drying Rack

Lately, I have been on a secret mission to add some character and personality to our kitchen.  You know, in between painting the house.  😉  We painted our kitchen cabinets almost a year ago and every single day since then, I have been so glad that we did that makeover.  I have some more plans up my sleeve for this space, but I need to still talk Mr. Little by Little Farmhouse into those.  In the meantime, I am adding layers to draw some interest into this room.

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And that is what led me to creating a DIY herb drying rack!  This is such a simple project that can be done easily and quickly with only a few supplies {that you may already have on hand}!

Let’s start with a before picture and then the few easy steps:

I decided upon this wall because…well, it’s really the only wall in our open galley kitchen.  The wall is a bit awkward to work with because of the light gray splash guard on the lower part.  {I do have future plans for that too…shhhh!}

1. Gather your supplies:

  • Any piece of scrap wood.  I gravitate towards wood that looks weathered and worn, and so I chose a pallet board.
  • Hooks: any type of hook will do.  You can choose something like these Rustic Wire Wall Hook, grab some standard hooks at The Home Depot, or even use some leftover ceiling screw hooks that we tend to stockpile in our junk drawers.  **Make sure that the screws for your hooks are not longer than the thickness of your wood!**
  • Picture Hanging Kit
  • Herbs of your choice
  • Hammer, Drill (if using hooks with screws) and a Saw

2. Determine the length of board needed and make the necessary cut using your preference of saw…hand or power.

3. Mount two sawtooth hangers on to the back of your board.  Make these evenly spaced on either end.  You will want to do this before you add any hooks so that your board lays flat to add these hangers.

4. Attach the hooks.  Now you know that one of my motto’s is to use what you have.  That is what I did for this project…even when it came to the hooks.  I removed three clasps from some original shutters that we found in our garage.  Of course, they were a mess and needed cleaned and a few coats of spray paint.

Once your hooks are read to install, decide upon the placement.  I opted for three hooks, but you can add more if you have the space.  I evenly spaced these along the front of the board.

If your hooks require screws to mount them, you will need to drill holes to install these hooks.

5. Measure your sawtooth hangers and install two nails into the wall.  Neither of my nails went into a stud.  And I am completely okay with this because…herbs are not very heavy and neither is the wood.

As you will see, I opted to hang this herb drying rack right at the top of the splash guard so that the wall was no longer broken into two sections.

6. Gather up your herbs and bundle them as you would like.  Tie them off with some jute.

7. Hang your herbs up on the hooks and step back to admire your project.  Oh and thoroughly enjoy the pleasant scent coming from them as you work in your kitchen.

I am loving the little bit of texture and interest that this is adding to our kitchen.  I would love to hear about how you add character to your kitchen.




  1. I love this little herb drying rack Leigh!!! Lovely!!!😍😍

    1. Leigh

      Thank you, Sarah! The end of the summer makes me want to bring all the natural things inside! ♥

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