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Children’s Reading Nook Makeover

Contrary to what this blog may tell you, I haven’t run off with the circus!  Just a bit MIA last week due to my three kids being sick.  Phew!  It was a doozy of a virus that left them flat out…and watching a lot of movies.  Seven full days at home filling water bottles, dispensing pain medicine, changing bed sheets, giving back rubs, doing laundry, 3AM croupy cough cuddles, sanitizing, bargaining to get them to eat a little something, and I am wiped out.

But in true Mrs. Little by Little Farmhouse fashion, besides escaping to the grocery store one evening, I stole a few minutes in between all of the above to finish up a little makeover.  I had been slowly working at this for over a month and just couldn’t find the time to pull the last details together…until a few days ago!

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You know that I just have to start with a before-before and then some before’s.  Here it goes!

At the top of our staircase, there is a little landing tucked behind the railing.  It is open to the rest of the hallway and is right outside our 12 year old’s bedroom.  I am told by a previous owner that the original owner’s wife used it as her sewing corner.  I knew from the first tour of this home that it would be perfect as a reading nook for our children.  We are raising some major readers and I had been dreaming of them sitting here with a good book for a while now.

Pink walls.  Fine for a nursery.  But not the vibe we were going for.  You can read all about this hallway’s original makeover here.  And then come right back.  Okay?

The walls were repainted last year, some curtains were hung, books were set up, and I played around with some decor.  It was all fine except for one problem: the kids weren’t sitting here!

Now to be completely honest: I was not a fan of the wall color from the beginning.  I felt trapped to keep it, and I did…for one year.  There is nothing wrong with the color, but it just did not seem true to the home.  So, surprise, surprise!  I pulled out my go-to white! {Sherwin-Williams Pure White}  I started at the bottom of the staircase and did a refresh of our front entry last month, which you can read about here.  The wall color change naturally transitioned up the stairs and I found myself excited about the reading nook again.

Take two!

And yes, that is a very rusty old crib piece.  When I found it tucked in the corner of an antique booth, I knew exactly where it would go.  The hubby had completely different thoughts about it, but we won’t dwell on those.  Because guess what?  He hung it up for me anyway.  Isn’t he great?  🙂

I had some very “grown-up” decorating ideas for this piece, but I wanted to add a little bit of fun for the kids.  Yes, I know my kiddos are older now, but you see, these book covers are from our most favorite books.  When all three were so much littler, I could recite every one of these stories by heart.  They have such special meaning to our family, so I commissioned my husband to scan the book covers and to print them out on cardstock.  The kids were excited about a little walk down memory lane!

When we moved here in July 2015, we left behind many many books.  I was told that we were “very book heavy” by the guy who would be carrying most of the books.  So, I set about downsizing our massive book collection to just what you see here.  {Well, minus the chapter and school books in our homeschool room.}  We don’t own a ton of books anymore, but that’s okay because you know what?  The library owns thousands of books that we can {and do} borrow!

I have some ideas to spruce up the area a bit more, but those will take some more time, energy, and a little more wiggle room in the budget.  For now though, we are loving the bright cheeriness of this reading nook.  And guess what?  I have found my kids reading here!




  1. I love the way it turned out! What a cute space!

    1. Leigh

      Thanks, Tracy! I love how it turned out too…kids do as well! 🙂

  2. Such a cute and inviting little space!
    Warmly, Gloria

    1. Leigh

      Thank you for your super sweet comment! 🙂

  3. Erika

    How cute! Great idea to get the kids reading!
    Can you tell me where you got the pad for on top of the bench?

    1. Leigh

      Thanks for stopping over, Erika! The foam pad is from a craft store and was picked up years ago. The cover for it was made by my Mom from a tablecloth. 🙂

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