Chalk Paint Furniture Makeovers

Because I believe that {almost} any piece of furniture can be beautiful, I wanted to share a few of my favorite chalk paint makeovers.  For years, I have been “afraid” to paint furniture.  Funny story: my Mom is a major stripper.  Lol!  No, not that kind of stripper.  The furniture stripper kind.  I am going to blame her for my furniture painting phobia.  Until now.  Because I am so over it.  In our previous home, I would just keep on despising a dresser and wishing I had a new one.  Today, I am thankful that new furniture wasn’t in the budget and that I am learning to work with the hand me downs that we have.  And I am giving them new life!

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The first makeover is a dresser from my youngest son’s bedroom.  This piece has character and really neat lines, but the finish on it was…yech!  I used Deco Art Americana Chalky Finish Paint in their Primitive color and am so happy with how it turned out.  This dresser is no longer an eyesore, but blends in with the bedroom as it should!


Feeling quite confident with how the first dresser turned out, I was feeling good about tackling my other son’s dresser.  I didn’t have the same negative feelings about this one as I did with the previous dresser.  I liked the neutral light wood tone.  But once I had the other furniture in his newly made-over bedroom, this dresser stuck out like a sore thumb.  I had just painted the mirror and loved the outcome, so I decided to use the same chalk paint (Rustoleum Chalked Paint in Charcoal) on the dresser to match the mirror.

The most recent updated furniture piece is our entertainment center in the family room.  Now, this thing has been with us for over 16 years.  You would think it was of some great monetary value, but it isn’t.  A little back story: we used some of our wedding money to purchase a monstrous entertainment center.  Back in 2000, tube tv’s were all the rage.  So, this baby was big and stood at least 5 and a half feet high with storage on the sides for all those CD’s and VHS tapes!  And if my memory serves me correctly, I put the whole thing together while my husband was at work.  What a beast, but this new wife was determined to set up her first home and this entertainment center was in my way of accomplishing that.  Now fast-forward 15 years and we were blessed with a larger and flatter tv that would not fit in the 38 inch opening.  The hubby took apart the top part and we kept the bottom as a tv stand.  And that is what we moved with us here to this home.  It had been the same wood tone for all these years…until very recently.  I used Rustoleum’s Chalked Paint in Linen White for this project.

I filled in the holes from where the top part used to connect to this bottom piece.

I spray painted the handles black and added some burlap inside the window to cover up the unsightly electronics.

Have I inspired you to get out some chalk paint and transform your furniture?  I hope so!  And if I have, please send me a before and after photo!



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