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A Happy 8 Year Old Boy’s Bedroom

This was the summer of kid bedroom makeovers.  I promised them over the winter that I would re-do each of their rooms while they were away at camp.  I hadn’t quite calculated the dates very well, as it turned out that I only had a 1 week break between each room.  So, in the span of 5 weeks, I repainted each of their bedrooms.  Burned out is an understatement at this point.  However, my goal was to give each child a room that would make them feel like they are home.  That goal was accomplished, so it was totally worth it…I can say that now that I’m on the other side!

First up was our 8 year old son’s bedroom.  His room is, by far, the smallest room, but it fits him perfectly.  So, here we go with some before, during, and after!

This was our very first look at the bedroom when we toured it last spring:



It certainly did not look like a little boys bedroom with that pink floral wallpaper!

Upon moving in, we made him comfy for a few days and then the kids went to stay with my parents for a week.  We moved the furniture back out again and the work began.



These were my tools for an afternoon of demo:


The carpet was the first to go:


And then began the {tedious} removal of that built-in cabinet.  It wasn’t functional for the bedroom as it took up too much floor space and I knew that toys would be “lost” in the bottom of it. Plus the green astro-turf was gross!



Ta-da! It’s gone!  It was a built-in beast and my “muscles” (aka the hubby) had to step in once in a while.


And then we had to figure out what to do with all this on the front lawn:


I was then determined to make his room functional and clean.  That was my motto at that point in our life in our new home. The flooring under the shag carpet was just plywood subfloor, so we cut a berber area rug to fit his room.



Up until last month, this is what his room had grown into as we made do with it for a year:




And then came the day after he went to camp.  First up, was the hubby changing the door around.  We’re not sure why, but his door swung outside of his room and blocked the hallway to the bathroom.  You can read about that hallway update here. Let’s just say that this “little” project became much bigger than expected.  And if you ever see my husband, do not, I repeat: do not, ask him about this door!  🙂



Then came taking down the wallpaper.  This was our first time ever removing wallpaper.  And we are so thankful for friends that offered us the use of their steamer.  Wow!  What seemed like a daunting task was made so much easier.


Under the pink floral wallpaper we found a second layer.  I actually thought it was quite cute and tried to save a section.  It reminded me of my childhood love of “Holly Hobby“!


This was the hot mess we were left with…along with very sticky hands.  Thank goodness for $2.50 plastic drop cloths!  It made clean-up so much easier and quicker.


After much wiping down of the walls to make sure that I removed all of the wallpaper glue, the painting began with the ceiling and then the walls and finally the trim and doors.



Then came some fun furniture updates:


I never much cared for the look of this {free} dresser, but it served it’s purpose well.  After a few coats of chalk paint and wax, it was like a whole new piece of furniture.


So, here it is, the full final reveal:


He isn’t a huge sports fan, but this is a comforter that we have and since little boys don’t care much about decor, I’m going with my motto of “use what you have”!


He loves to build with his Lego’s, so a place to display his creations was very much needed:


I painted his nightstand and these shelves in the same color as his dresser.


Our favorite stuffies, from left to right: Jerry, Giralffe, and Ralphy.



His big sister made this bulletin board for him this past Christmas.  I decided to hang it on the wall at his height so that he can easily use it.





This desk was a diy project that we worked on last winter.  The hubs replaced the top and I painted it white and the top got a coat of chalkboard paint.  Creative kids need places to store their projects!


After painting, the two beams are now showing off how gorgeous they are!  🙂


And remember that toy shelf from the before pictures?  I performed a magic disappearing trick!  Nah, not really.  I just cleaned up his closet and now that is stored in there, which gives him more floor space…to make a mess in!  🙂

In case you are curious:

I used the Glidden Haystack color for the walls (color matched in Behr eggshell) and Sherwin-Williams Pure White for the trim (also color matched in Behr eggshell).

Thank you for enjoying the journey through this little boy’s room.  We feel really good about the update that we’ve done so far.  🙂



  1. Katie


    1. leighsn

      Aww, thanks Katie! I am just so happy that the room is no longer the gross room he moved into! 🙂 Oh and J is trying to talk me into an Alpha Red mural on his wall…

  2. Bonnie

    What a beautiful transformation. Very bright and lots more roomy. Hope your muscles have recovered. Keep the update coming.

    1. leighsn

      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, Bonnie! He is loving more floor space and does not miss the pink floral wallpaper! 🙂

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