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A Bedroom to Grow Into…

Ready for another one of my kiddos bedroom makeover reveals?  I certainly am!

The next one up is my 11 year old son’s bedroom that I worked on while he was at camp last month.  My goal was a bedroom that would grow with him as he grows into a young man.  Right now, it is filled with toys and boy playing.  I hope that the pallet we’ve provided him with now is something that he will still appreciate and enjoy as he lives in this room through his teenage years.

Up first are the before pictures, so here it goes!

Our very first glimpse of his bedroom when we came to tour our house:


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We settled in and made do with his room and added things to it as needed.  It was a bit of a shock to the eye when you walked in, but he was content with all the color in the room…minus the wallpaper and the maroon trim…he despised those aspects!







First up on the make-over was that wallpaper!  We have determined that this wall was added on when the plumbing was installed into the house.  Part of the original bedroom was taken to create a hallway to a bathroom.  You can read about that hallway makeover here.


Unfortunately, whomever hung the wallpaper did not prime or paint the sheetrock.  What a sad day this was to me when I realized all the extra work it would now involve.  I explained it to my kids this way: glue two pieces of paper together, let it dry, and then try to pull the pieces apart.  Yeah, that’s what happened.  It is not a pretty outcome with paper and not with wallpaper and sheetrock either.


I did my best with leveling out the wall…don’t look at that wall too closely.  Actually, don’t look close at all!  The other options were to hire someone or to re-sheetrock…umm, neither were in our budget.


After priming this wall and painting the ceiling, all the walls were ready for paint!




And then it was time to paint the 3-4 coats of paint on the trim and doors…



Next up was some furniture makeovers:



Drumroll, please for the final reveal!  🙂

No more green floral wallpaper!  Yipee!


Recognize this little nightstand from an earlier photo?  I used Rustoeum’s Chalked Paint in Charcoal to paint this nightstand and a few other pieces you will see in a little bit.


I picked up this lamp at Target in a clearance aisle.  I was a little hesitant to spend the money on it, but it has been so perfect for the bedroom.  It saves space on his nightstand and is perfect for his nightly reading before bed.


That beam in the corner is so gorgeous now that it pops with the grey and white!


I gave him my desk to use.  Win, win for all since I needed the space where my desk was and he was ready to upgrade to something with more storage and a larger work surface.  He loves to sit here now and draw as well as write letters to his friends.


Now, you know I had to add something chippy in here!  🙂  This chair was absolutely meant for his bedroom.  I was so excited to find it as the blue ties into his curtains and the neat metal-work on the bottom is awesome to maintain the chair’s sturdiness when used by wiggly boys.


Oh, this closet door did not want to change color!  Way too many coats of paint on it, but in the end, I won!


Ta-da!  I repainted the mirror and dresser the same color as the nightstand!  I was pretty hesitant to do this, but I wanted to tie the room together better.  There were a few too many shades of stained wood in the room and some of them just had to go.




For now we are using some crates stacked on top of each other to hold his books and for displaying cars.


Distinguishing signs of a boys room: trophies, baseballs, cars, and remote control vehicles!



The wall color is Behr’s Dolphin Fin color-matched to Glidden in eggshell.

He is really enjoying his room and loves that it isn’t filled with girly wallpaper.  I love the calmness that the grey adds to his room.  And how fresh and clean it feels in there now.  And a very positive outcome is that he is keeping his bedroom much neater and organized.

Let me know what is your favorite part of this bedroom makeover!


  1. Nancy Vossler

    I love your blog, Leigh. It looks so professionally done. Keep up the great work and the posts! His bedroom is so cute now!

    1. leighsn

      Thanks for your encouragement, Aunt Nancy! I love the room too…maybe I’ll move in there too! 🙂

  2. Donna Bodrog

    Love your son’s room Leigh! Wonderful job with your colors!

    1. leighsn

      Thank you Donna! He actually picked up the color. Well, he said a very light grey and I remembered this color from our previous home. Now I want to add it to other parts of the house! 🙂

  3. Geka

    It looks so clean and bright. I love it. Great job mom!

    1. leighsn

      Thanks, Momma! xo

  4. Katie

    Great room!!! The chair is my fave!!!

    1. leighsn

      I know! That chair has me all happy! Rummage barn… 🙂

  5. Bonnie Ditty

    What a beautiful transformation. Love the updates.

    1. leighsn

      Thanks for your encouragement, Bonnie! 🙂

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