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My 2018 Word of the Year

Can we take a quick moment and think about life pre-social media.  Okay, if you are younger than me, then this may be hard to do.  But for those of us who recall living before the internet, we remember a time where you just did your own thing and nobody ever knew about it…unless you told them in person, on the phone, or via the mail.  Now fast forward to 2018 and you start realizing that the things you’ve been doing are now the “in” things.  For instance, this whole buzz about a word of the year instead of a New Years Resolution.  Friends, I have been doing this word or theme for years.  And 90% of the time, no one but me knew about it.  Now it seems to be the thing everyone is doing.  Does that make me cool now?  Ha.  Really, the only thing that has changed for me is that I am sharing my 2018 word with you.  {I shared my 2017 year here.}

So how do I come up with a word?  Is it just the first thing I think of after midnight on New Years Day?  It’s nothing random like that at all.  Typically, I have my word settled in my heart weeks before the new year begins.  Honestly, it is something that grows inside of me.  And mostly it is the urging and prompting of the Holy Spirit for me to work on an area that needs a little bit of sanctification.

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In my walk with Christ, I find that the areas where I become too comfortable is exactly where He desires to work.  In other words, discomfort grows me so much more than comfort does.  The pricking in my heart convicts me to do something about it.  I have two choices then: ignore it {the Holy Spirit} or allow the work that He desires to do.  In total honesty, I have chosen that first option at times.  But the older I get, the more I really want to respond in the second way.

So, what has the Holy Spirit convicted me about enough that I feel led to allow this overhaul by Him in 2018?

Be content.

That’s it.  Sounds simple enough.  Just be content, Leigh.

This may come easy to others, but to just sit.  And be.  Content.  It really is the opposite of me.  Even as a child, I was always focused on the next thing.  It carried on through my teen years and then college.  I remember thinking, “Once I have my degree, life will begin.”  Oh, younger me, if only we could have a little chat right now. {Sigh.}

I have gotten better about this as my children’s younger years have flown by.  Daily, I try and capture the fleeting moments that are whirling on.  So, yes, I am doing better.

Then why “content” if I am already working on it?  Because I have seen how a focus on one characteristic throughout the year can have an impact.  Does it mean that I forgo working on patience?  Or grace?  Or loving others?  No.  It just means that through all of my next 365 days, I will breathe in and out and remember: be content.

Be content in this stage of life.

Don’t rush today.

And don’t even think about rushing tomorrow.

Be content in the middle of life when it gets messy.

Learn from the hard parts.

Grow in it.

Be content when your 9 year old wants to show you.  all. the things…again.

Let him share his Lego dreams.

And don’t push him so hard.

Embrace the struggle he has with reading.

And love him through it.

Be content with your home.

Yep, the one where you see all that is missing.

But others only see the love it holds.

Be content with my blessings from God.

Don’t wish for other’s blessings.

Because oftentimes, they need that blessing as they walk a harder road than you.

Actually, don’t even focus on the blessing.  Focus on the blesser.

Be content with that body.

It doesn’t quite look like you wisht it did.

But you can still bust a dance move that embarrasses your 13 year old.

Be content with how He has asked you to spend your time.

It will be worth it.

Today.  And in the many tomorrows.

Be content with who God created you to be.

Don’t be someone else.

If He wants you to be you, then you should definitely be you!

Be content to show up a little bit late.

If it means that you were patient and loving.

Because you won’t always have children slowly bundling up.

Someday, you will be on time for everything.

But don’t wish for that because it means that they have flown the nest.

Be content with a simpler life that makes you wonder: am I making a difference?

Do what God is calling you to do and to be.

Right here in THIS moment.

And let Him take care of the next moment.

So as I sit a little more.  And savor my days this year.  Soaking in all that I have and am, I pray that contentment will grow in me.  And may it overflow out of me and touch the lives of those around me.


That’s my growing area this year.

What is yours?




  1. Vicki

    I love this so much! I just recently discovered your blog and signed up, and this was the first email I received. I haven’t decided on one word, as there are so many areas I need to focus on, but your post was very inspiring. I have a 21 year old moderately autistic son at home, and an 18 year old daughter who is a senior and will be going off to college in a few months, and know that I really need to soak up the time I have with her while she is still home, and also figure out how to adjust to not having go her around all the time. Looking forward to more from your blog, Happy New Year! Btw, my middle name is Leigh, and my daughter’s name is Ryleigh😊

    1. Leigh

      I am so glad to have you stop over here! And even moreso, to share your heart with me. Prayers as you soak in this time with your daughter. And yay for your middle name! I don’t meet many Leigh’s, but I am thankful that most people know how to pronounce it now…unlike during my childhood.

  2. I love this! Especially the “focus on the blesser not the blessing”. 🙌 contentment is a focus of mine, too.

    1. Leigh

      Hey, girl! ♥ Thank you for your encouraging words. Prayers that we both live in contentment this year, and every year.

  3. Leigh, this post spoke to my heart. I could not agree more… To slow down, be content in the season of life we are in, and thank God for the blessings of learning and growing… Even if it sometimes makes us uncomfortable. Blessings on your year, sweet friend!

    1. Leigh

      I so appreciate your sweet and encouraging words. Thank you for blessing my heart! ♥

  4. I absolutely love reading all the one word posts. I pray the word you’ve chosen will serve you well in the coming year.

    1. Leigh

      Thank you, Lisa. I am praying that it takes a deep root in my heart and life too. ♥

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